The Future of New York

The Future of New York is a webinar series focusing on major issues facing New York City businesses and organizations. Featuring thought leaders across the public and private sectors, Capalino, New York’s leading urban strategy firm, addresses critical challenges and solutions to drive New York’s economic recovery and spearhead inclusive growth.

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Upcoming Events

Reinventing and Modernizing Social Services Through Business, Government and Nonprofit Partnerships

Dr. Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, Senior Advisor at Hunter College, and Former Chair of NYC Health and Hospitals, and Wayne Ho, President & CEO of Chinese-American Planning Council Wayne Ho, in conversation with Travis Terry, President of Capalino
Date: Tuesday, April 13 from 11 AM – 12 PM

Decarbonizing Buildings in NYC’s Low-Income Communities: Going Beyond Local Law 97

Donnel Baird, Founder and CEO, BlocPower, in conversation with Rich Kassel, Group Leader, Clean Energy and Sustainability, Capalino
Date: Wednesday, April 21 from 12 PM – 1PM

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