Capalino gets things done in New York.

We are specialized experts in:


Results-oriented planning is critical. Our team will provide insights on customer acquisition, real estate, finance + incentives, and branding to help you make the right business decisions for long-term business success.


Our team has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, helped secure major government contracts and advocated to approve, modify or eliminate legislation and regulation.

Real Estate

Having worked on some of the most complicated real estate projects in NYC history, Capalino’s experienced team will help secure land use approvals + construction permits, identify smart sites and finance your project.


Securing funding and incentives for projects whether they are for real estate, business growth or institutional operations requires the right set of relationships, process knowledge and financial planning, all fundamentals of the Capalino team.

Social Impact

Both government and private sector stakeholders are demanding that companies demonstrate a commitment to social causes and not just their bottom lines. Capalino helps develop and implement programs that improve your image, support communities and rebuild New York into a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive city.

Clean Energy & Sustainability

Our firm is home to New York City’s only urban strategy team that is wholly dedicated to working on projects and policies that advance New York’s ambitious climate and environmental goals. 

We are experts in cities, combining knowledge in real estate, lobbying, strategic planning, market research and financing provided by our team of experienced implementation professionals. We have utilized this methodology to help some of the most respected companies and organizations in the world achieve sustainable success.

We can help you with: