Jim Capalino Named Power Player in Real Estate

Congratulations to our Founder and CEO Jim Capalino who received PoliticsNY and amNY’s 2024 Power Players in Real Estate honor. This recognition is a testament to Jim’s ability to get things done in New York on behalf of some of the most well known companies and organizations in the country. For decades, Jim has been at the forefront of making the Manhattan skyline what it is today. Please join us in saluting Jim and all the honorees for this well-deserved honor! 

Jeanne Mullgrav Named Power Player in Corporate Social Responsibility

Congratulations to our Managing Director Jeanne Mullgrav who was recognized on PoliticsNY and amNY’s 2024 Power Players in Corporate Responsibility. As the former commissioner of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, with over three decades of experience in the social impact world, Jeanne provides an array of strategic advisory services to help some of the leading non-profits in New York achieve long-term success and sustainability. Take a closer look at Capalino’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, developed and refined by Jeanne, and join us in congratulating her and all the honorees!