Organizational Strategies for Addressing the Impacts of Recent and Future U.S. Supreme Court Decisions with Jeanne Mullgrav, Darrell Gay and Mamta Shah


The recent decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court on abortion, gun control and climate change are expected to have serious and long-lasting effects throughout New York City and our country. Given the unpredictability of the Supreme Court, more uncertainty could be in our future. Businesses and organizations are grappling with the ramifications of these decisions and the best way to navigate these changes with their employees, clients and stakeholders.

Join us for an important conversation about strategies business leaders and companies should be considering for addressing these crucial issues now and in the future.


Topics Include:

•       Social Policies in the Workplace: Can Employers Remain Neutral Any Longer?

•       How Recent Supreme Court Cases Are Shaping Workplace Policies

•       Navigating Employee Relations and Legal Issues in the Wake of Dobbs and Bruen

•       Managing the Needs of Remote Working Employees

•       Guns in the Workspace

•       Aiding and Abetting Exposure

•       The Future Post-Dobbs – What Could Be Next?

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