The Future of New York with John Mandyck of Urban Green Council: Transforming New York’s Buildings For a Sustainable Future


John Mandyck, CEO of Urban Green Council, in conversation with Susan Hinkson-Carling, Managing Director of Capalino and Head of Capalino Ventures

There’s no question that COVID-19 has changed how and where we use energy in New York City in unexpected ways. Improving the energy efficiency of NYC’s buildings is critical to delivering a more resilient, sustainable and efficient future. These buildings consume 95% of electricity, emit 70% of carbon and use 80% of water.

As our elected officials, businesses, educational leaders, and NYC residents transition to a new phase of this pandemic, we have an extraordinary opportunity to engage the real estate sector to help build a better future for our city.

In 2019, NYC passed one of the most ambitious climate laws enacted by any city worldwide. Local Law 97 will place carbon caps on most buildings larger than 25,000 sqft, and is expected to impact almost 80% of buildings and has serious financial penalties for not meeting targets. This has created incentives for owners to begin planning for emissions reductions, monitoring, and even building retrofits and electrification.

Join us for an exciting conversation about important strategies to bring sustainability to New York’s built environment and compliance with Local law 97.

Topics Include:
• How we can make NYC greener, smarter, and healthier, and why is this important?
• How did the global pandemic shift NYC’s energy use, and what will happen moving forward?
• What are the biggest sustainability issues on the horizon? How will green construction, electrification and energy efficiency play a key role in our post-COVID economy and climate response?
• Electrification of buildings and what Local Law 97 for the real estate sector. How can building owners start planning ahead to meet the requirements?
• How can we leverage new technologies to drive sustainability?
• What are the most effective ways to leverage investments, government funding, and other financing?

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