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Minority and Women-owned Business Consulting

MWBE Consulting


Over the last decade, New York City and New York State have increased the Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBEs) requirements for contracts. As a result of the new laws and goal requirements, businesses have been subjected to penalties and scrutiny for not complying with City and State regulations.

Due to the high demands for assistance in this area, Capalino+Company created the MWBE Consulting Group to help businesses and MWBEs comply with city regulations to successfully secure government contracts. Combining our broad range of relationships and a deep knowledge of government processes, Capalino+Company can help ensure that your company takes the necessary steps to make your business a success.


  • Advising on MWBE compliance
  • Business development and relationship building
  • Connecting corporate clients with approved MWBE subcontractors through our MWBE directory
  • Educating MWBEs on marketing to prime contractors and vendors
  • Problem-solving and technical assistance
  • Securing government contracts

For companies looking to comply with City regulations regarding MWBEs:

Capalino+Company has created a comprehensive strategic approach to successfully ensure that all MWBE goal requirements for projects are being met. We advise companies on MWBE participation requirements, formulate a successful strategy for compliance, and connect them with verified MWBE subcontractors registered through our MWBE directory.

For MWBEs in the process of being certified or have been denied certification:

Capalino+Company has created a step by step system for reviewing your application and advising MWBEs on their progress. We also work with MWBEs to successfully move through the appeals process if their application for certification is denied.

For Certified MWBEs:

Capalino+Company will assist MWBEs with marketing strategies to promote their services to prime contractors, vendors and companies seeking MWBE partners. We offer MWBEs an opportunity to be listed in our directory and connect with larger companies that are looking for MWBEs to fulfill their project’s goal requirements.

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