Community + Civic Mobilization


A major first step in any development project, particularly one in New York City, is to focus on establishing strong, high-quality community relations.

We help our clients craft effective proposals and strategies to build strong support from communities by focusing on ongoing communication and fair negotiation to address community concerns. Our methodology to achieve success in this area relies on a heavy dose of political intelligence, mobilizing support and creating a long-term, ongoing relationship with the local community.


BID/LDC Relations: With extensive relationships among Business Improvement Districts (BID) and Local Development Corporations (LDC), we can tap into their structures to gain important project support.

Community Board Advisory: From Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) applications to special permits to liquor licenses, we can facilitate the development of harmonious engagements with local community boards. Each of the 59 community boards are unique and we specialize in helping gain support for projects and promoting activity by our clients through these boards.

Conflict Mediation: Utilizing our experience and extensive network, we can resolve conflicts with many community and civic stakeholders, whether they be tenant associations, labor unions or community groups.

Grassroots Advocacy: Community organizing is a key element of community relations.  With access to a broad network of key community and civic leaders, we can help organize grassroots coalitions to advocate for a particular project or policy change.

Labor Relations: Unions are a powerful political force in New York City.  We are fortunate to have strong working relationships with numerous unions and consistently negotiate favorable deals and mobilize their support for projects.

Liquor Licenses Approvals: We have significant experience working closely with community boards, local elected officials and the State Liquor Authority to secure liquor license approvals.

Sidewalk Café Licenses: Working closely with all the relevant agencies, including the Department of Consumer Affairs and the New York City Council, we are able to help our clients secure highly valuable sidewalk café permits.

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