New York Market Entry


Entering the New York market can be a considerable challenge without the network required to drive business development.  At Capalino, we tap into our vast network of leaders in corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and government to ensure that clients are able to forge the necessary relationships to successfully operate in the New York market.

We help clients thrive within the New York market

Capalino helps clients thrive within the New York market by overcoming regulatory hurdles, forging crucial relationships, and identifying subsidy and tax program opportunities.  Utilizing a broad range of relationships with government decision-makers and the private sector, we work with our clients to obtain necessary permits and licenses, find and cultivate strategic partnerships, and leverage viable subsidy and tax incentives.

Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances: With strong working relationships with numerous businesses and not-for-profit organizations throughout the City of New York, we work closely with our clients to identify value-added partnerships, make introductions to the leadership of organizations and broker new relationships on behalf of our clients.

Subsidies & Tax Incentives: To encourage economic development, the City and State of New York have a number of tax incentive and subsidy programs for business operation and real estate development.  We work with clients to help identify the various government programs applicable to their business and help advocate on their behalf before government agencies to secure the necessary approvals to utilize these incentives.

In certain instances, we also help clients already established in New York sell to private entities based on our extensive network of leaders in corporations and not-for-profit organizations.

Doing business in the New York market can be extremely lucrative, and Capalino works to ensure that our clients are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities this market has to offer.

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