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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy


At Capalino+Company, we know New York City better than anyone. Using both our unique knowledge of the City, its policies and politics and our expertise in digital strategy, we can create a tailored campaign for your project that will set it up for success. Beyond the offerings of a traditional media company, we will ensure your digital strategy complements your political, community and legislative strategies.

In 2016, digital organizing is critical to political campaigns and advocacy. Digital strategy is a cost-effective way to measure public opinion, develop brand narratives and mobilize communities. People consume 9 hours of media every day — 65% of adults use social networking sites, up from just 7% in 2005. Mobilizing works when you meet people where they are, and “where they are” is online. This doesn’t just include young adults, social media among those 65 and older has more than tripled since 2010. Community groups are using social media to track local issues and express their opinions about projects in their neighborhoods.

Communities have moved online. Government and community relations firms must be flexible to that environment, and by offering mobilization services through digital strategy, we demonstrate our innovative approach to achieving success for our clients.

All of our digital strategies and services are designed around specific goals and projects for our clients. Our campaigns can help you achieve success with three major sectors:

  1. Government: Reaching government with new ideas can be difficult. We can craft strategies that support your legislative and procurement efforts that reach the right people with the right tactics.
  2. Community: Land use, real estate, legislative and business projects require interaction with and support from the community, especially in New York City. Using our deep knowledge of NYC’s communities, we can create strategies that support you in building relationships and influencing public opinion.
  3. Private Sector: When entering the NY market, we can support you in building your brand and developing a client base in your target markets.


  1. Digital Strategy – In today’s technologically connected world, expanding and strengthening your social media presence in a strategic way can be the difference between success and failure. Because of our deep knowledge of New York City, our team is best positioned to ensure your digital strategy augments your broader business or political campaign. Our team can work with you to:
    • identify the types of digital media necessary for your project
    • select targets for social and digital media campaigns
    • improve current social media channels
    • create content strategy for your specific timeline
    • budget and recommend strategies for paid promotion use
    • advise your social media managers on effective political use of digital media

    We can work with you to give your company a unique voice and identity that resonates with the political and community stakeholders that may affect your project. Capalino+Company’s digital strategy planning will hone your brand’s personality and ensure that it resonates across today’s fast changing media, political and business landscapes.

  2. Campaign Execution and Management – In addition to strategy development and planning, our team can
    • support newsletter management and list growth
    • create and send all content from your social media channels, including website, email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others,
    • related to the project at hand
    • ensure that you are plugged into the community-level conversations related to the project, and that you’re joining relevant conversations at they occur
    • provide consistent updates, reports and analytics

    Unlike other media companies, Capalino+Company is the #1 lobbying firm in New York City. We will also provide insights needed to shape policy, navigate through the intricacies of government and manage the deployment of new business endeavors in the complicated NYC landscape. We will ensure you are control of the messages related to your project.

  3. Graphic Design – Our team can design infographics, shareable insights and other media to tell your project’s story. We will not only design creative media, but memorable and shareable media that is tailored to reach your target audience. Creativity has become one of the most powerful online tools, and our team has the ability to articulate your story in ways that persuade and move targeted audiences.
  4. Innovative Digital Solutions – Capalino+Company is consistently seeking to innovate the ways that projects are done in New York City. We can work with your project to develop technological tools that support the messages you’re trying to share: be it ways to track the economic development benefits of a new building to a neighborhood, ways to connect disparate businesses who are seeking to organize or ways to connect with the community and legislators in an open and cooperative way. Our team of strategists will work with you to design technologies that help achieve your goals, and through our partnership with U+_, we can also build, develop and manage them.

Digital Strategy Process

Survey and Assess: What is the project goal? What is the process? Who are the decision-makers? Who are the influential elected officials at the local, City and State levels, community leaders, community based organizations, labor unions, local businesses and business organizations? What do the stakeholders think?


Define Success: What are the desired outcomes of this campaign? How will we know we’ve met them?


Develop Strategy: Who are our targets? Will this involve social media and in-person meetings? What should our message be? How do we reach key influencers and decision-makers? Which channels are most effective?


Implement Strategy: Manage campaign throughout the duration of the project.


Measure Success: We will provide data, analytics, insights and reporting on an ongoing basis so that we can know in real-time how our strategy is working.


Readjust Strategy: We constantly review the implementations of our strategy to make the necessary changes to achieve success.