NYC Elections: Key Issues Driving New York’s Recovery with Bradley Honan of Honan Strategy Group


New leadership will take office in NYC in 2021, rapidly changing the political landscape and affecting the reopening of our city. With over 70% of local offices up for grabs, including the Mayor, Comptroller, all five Borough Presidents, and over 35 Council Seats, there are officially 518 participating candidates running for public office in 2021. For the first time in history, candidates will be elected through Ranked-Choice Voting during the June 22 primaries.

The impact of this election will be felt across all business sectors and communities as leaders develop a roadmap for NYC’s economic recovery. Business leaders need to be prepared for the transition which will involve a myriad of factors—cultural change, technological disruption, health issues—as well as understanding how new policies, politicians and political appointees will impact their business operations.

In order to help businesses and organizations navigate this transition, Capalino conducted a new forward-thinking poll with the Honan Strategy Group and announced the poll results and key takeaways during this program. See our infographic of the results.

This important discussion features Jim Capalino, CEO of Capalino, Bradley Honan, CEO and President of Honan Strategy Group, and Jesse Aman, Senior Associate (moderator). Capalino has been at the forefront of New York government relations for more than four decades, and recently expanded its services to help clients navigate the political and business climate with expertise in strategy, real estate, lobbying, financing, social impact and sustainability.

Topics Covered:

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