Capalino Insider: Q&A with Susan Hinkson, Executive Vice President

Susan-Hinkson, Executive Vice President, Capalino, Land Use Housing and Real Estate

What do you specialize in at Capalino?
I am a licensed architect and I specialize in zoning, code, land use and development as well as development capital funds.

What is your favorite thing to do in NYC?
Sitting along the Hudson River and reading- there is something magical about the flow of the river. Seeing the water change color and texture during different portions of the day is really quite stunning.  

If you could have dinner with one legend, who would it be? 
I would love to have met and dined with Luciano Pavarotti. Such an incredible talent.  I would have loved to hear some war stories and good gossip about the Met!

What’s the biggest thing that excites you about coming to work every day? 
Working with smart, talented, socially and politically engaged people. Makes you want to get up in the morning!

If you could have any other job, what would it be?  
I would go back into the theater. It’s great to work in an artistically collaborative way with others to create something that is enriching.

What is your favorite book to read (or, what is the last book you read, or who is your favorite author)?
My go-to authors are Updike, Chomsky and Ian Mckewan. However, I love fantasy/horror, and within that genre my favorite author is Clive Barker.

If you had a special power, what would it be? 
To be able to eliminate fear.  While fear may keep us from doing dangerous things, it is also paralyzing. Inertia is the greatest force in the universe- it would be great to eliminate the kind of fear that causes us to disengage and distance ourselves from each other. 

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