Capalino Partners with New York Wine & Grape Foundation to Advance Sustainability in New York

Capalino Partners with New York Wine & Grape Foundation to Advance Sustainability in New York

New York, NY- Capalino, a leading strategy consulting and government relations firm, and The New York Wine & Grape Foundation are partnering to advance sustainability in the New York State wine industry. The industry—from grape growing to wine bottle sales—generates an annual economic impact of $6.65 billion in New York State.

The NYW&G Foundation promotes New York wines, grape juice and table grapes, and sponsors research to enhance quality, productivity, and sustainability. New York is working to build a sustainable economic future through forward-thinking policies and partnerships. Sustainable vineyard practices are widely regarded as essential to reduce environmental impact and improve the quality of wine in New York State.

Capalino is partnering with the Foundation to build a business plan to launch a statewide vineyard sustainability certification program. “We’re thrilled to help The New York Wine & Grape Foundation launch a statewide viticulture sustainability program to meet the growing demand for sustainably-produced wines in New York,” said Capalino President Travis Terry. “This certification will provide an opportunity to leverage the Foundation’s recent ‘Boldly, NY’ rebrand while promoting its members’ leadership in the development of on-farm conservation practices,” added Terry. “We look forward to leveraging our expanded services in sustainability, as well as in business strategy, nonprofit management, and social impact, to make this program a success.”

This viticultural sustainability program is important because it will highlight the sustainable practices New York grape growers have already adopted, while providing guidance on how to advance their sustainability efforts in a consistent manner. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, the Genesee Valley Regional Market Authority, and a private matching grant from John Ingle of Ingle Vineyards and Heron Hill Winery. “We are excited to partner with Capalino,” said Foundation Director Sam Filler. “Capalino’s team brings relevant business and sustainability experience to develop a business plan that will serve as the basis for the launch of a statewide viticulture sustainability program.” Capalino will work with the Foundation to develop a clear strategic direction, program design, and five-year plan to ensure that this program is self-sustaining and sustainable throughout the state.

This partnership between Capalino and the Foundation to build a sustainability certificate program follows Capalino’s prior work helping the Foundation build export programs to expand the presence of New York wines globally. The sustainability certificate program will help protect the environment, while also driving revenue growth for vineyards and grape growers because consumers are interested in purchasing sustainable products and willing to pay more for them.

Both organizations recently launched new brand identities and services to expand their impact in New York State. The NYW&G Foundation launched its “Boldly, NY” rebranding in 2019 reflecting the industry’s growth, the foundation’s approach, and New York’s emerging status among other wine regions. Capalino recently expanded its services as a strategy consulting firm with a focus on New York State to achieve the goals of companies and organizations, such as NYWGF, seeking to expand their businesses and services in the New York market.

This new initiative Is a strong example of both organizations living their purpose and partnering to “get it done” boldly by building important new sustainability initiatives in New York State.

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About The New York Wine & Grape Foundation (NYWGF)

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation promotes the world-class image of New York grapes and wines from the state’s diverse regions to responsibly benefit farmers, producers and consumers through innovative marketing, research, communication, and advocacy. For more information about the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, please visit

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