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Watch our video explaining what our lobbying firm Capalino does for New York City businesses and the importance of having an advocate from the founder himself, James F. Capalino.


Video Transcription

I started Capalino when I left the Koch Administration in 1982, because I was convinced the city needed an advocate for business in the non-for-profit sector that was capable of maneuvering through complex policy problems, regulatory schemes and the overall political terrain of the city. We do three things: we raise money for non-for-profit organizations that need help in supporting their ongoing expenses, whether they’re capital or expense, we advocate for public policy changes on the part of business on the non-for-profit sector and we help real estate companies through the regulatory development land use processes in the city.

I personally select every single member of our team, and have had usually prior experience working with them and saw their capacity before I asked them to join Capalino. Every member of our team at Capalino and Company comes from a distinguished background in the private sector, or the non-for-profit sector. They’re people of deep, ethical conviction and each of them has a special disciplinary strength.

One of the major challenges that Capalino helps our clients with, particularly business clients, is in getting the regulatory approvals that are necessary, to not only operate a business but also expand a business. We are very much part of the incubator phenomenon in New York, which is the businesses start small and hopefully they grow bigger as they employ more people.

I think the single most important factor in our being able to help businesses with the change in political factors in New York City government is the fact that we have been doing this since 1982. We know the institutional government of New York City and we know the institutional political culture of New York City agencies. As a result, we’re able to offer our clients the kind of insightful advice that only really comes from years of working experience with city agencies.

The principal reason why I think it is important for businesses to have an advocate like Capalino is that we introduce an efficiency factor. Because of the fact that we have so much experience at problem solving, and really are the premier problem solving firm in New York City, we’re able to cut through the red tape and help businesses get decisions and get answers to questions in very very fast time, to inform the decision making process that goes on within those businesses and to make the right choices.

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