Varvatos Bus Tour Takes NYC


Varvatos Bus Tour in NYC

As part of the campaign to launch John Varvatos’ new STAR USA fragrances outside of music venues and other high traffic areas around Manhattan, Capalino’s Event Strategies Group (ESG) worked with the company’s marketing and production teams to obtain permits to park a Varvatos branded tour bus in front of Macy’s Herald Square for three days and across from Radio City Music Hall during a major concert.

ESG worked closely with the Mayor’s office of Citywide Event Coordination and the 34th street partnership to arrange logistics and maximize the exposure of the event.

In addition to other locations, pedestrians at Herald Square and concert-goers at Radio City Music Hall were encouraged to try the new fragrance and be photographed in front of the buses in red carpet fashion. The response was enormously positive, with crowds surrounding the buses and waiting on line to take samples, be interviewed, and have their photos uploaded to Tumblr.

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