The Summer Listen: Top Sustainability-Forward Podcasts


Written by Challey Comer, Senior Vice President, Capalino. To learn more about our Energy, Environment + Sustainability Services, contact Challey at or 212.616.5874. 

As environmental and sustainability experts, it’s crucial that we’re up to date on the latest in ‘green’ news, policy, and technology. In talking to our clients, business leaders, and industry experts, we know there’s a lot of great content out there, but reading isn’t the only way to get your dose of sustainability news. We’ve combed through some of our favorite podcasts and put together a shortlist of some of the more entertaining, interesting and informative sustainability-forward podcasts we’re listening to.

Happy listening!

Conscious Chatter

This podcast opens the door to conversations about our clothing and the layers of the Stories, meaning and potential impact connected to what we wear.

The Energy Gang

A weekly digest on energy, cleantech and the environment by Stephen Lacey, Katherine Hamilton and Jigar Shah.

The Impact Report

The podcast features conversations with leaders in business, sustainability, and social Entrepreneurship about how they are innovating to shape a more sustainable future. Past featured guests have included top sustainability leaders from Mars, Inc. Unilever, HSBC, GM, Campbell’s Soup, PepsiCo, Green Mountain Energy, and many more.

Podship Earth

Science & Medicine, Society & Culture, News & Politics from a former regional administrator of the U.S. EPA, chair of the first UN World Environment Day held in the US, and an engaging and compassionate environmental thinker.

Sustainability Defined

Each episode of the podcast focuses on a single topic that pushes sustainability forward. Each topic is explained with an organizational tree so listeners can understand exactly what it is.

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