The Future of Zero Emissions Delivery: How Sponsorship Models Can Accelerate EV Adoption


Transportation is expected to be the largest source of new greenhouse gas emissions through 2050. This means if we are to meet net-zero by mid-century, we need more companies committing to transition their delivery fleets to electric – fast. Join experts from Environmental Defense Fund, IKEA, Fluid Truck, CALSTART, and Capalino to learn about opportunities available today for procuring zero-emissions shipping in the New York City-New Jersey metropolitan region.

This webinar introduces the concept of an EV sponsorship model – a new mechanism for brands to achieve zero-emissions shipping in their supply chain when they don’t directly own or operate the vehicles. IKEA gives a behind-the-scenes look of working with Fluid to pilot the model in NYC and drive progress against its climate and delivery goals, so other companies can follow suit. Experts also delve into the legislative and regulatory environment surrounding EVs and EV charging station access.

Speakers include:

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