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The NYC Rat Meets Its Match

Anyone who has shrieked at the sight of a rat inside the subway knows that they live among us. However, most New York City residents would be shocked to learn that our City is home to an estimated two million of them. Until now, there has not been a safe and effective method for tackling these stubborn pests, and efforts to protect homeowners, businesses and public health from rodents have proven largely unsuccessful at reducing populations. Our client Rodent Capture, Inc. is helping NYC address this pesky issue, making tremendous strides in rodent control with an innovative technology that is safe to use in  environments throughout the city.

Compared to other cities within the United States, New York City is particularly suitable place for rodents, considering population growth, housing density, sanitary practices and climate. There is one rat for every four humans, and they reproduce exponentially with a new litter approximately every 40 days. Rats and mice are not only a nuisance but can also cause property damage, food contamination and transmit diseases. According to the NYC’s Rodent Control Program Assessment, the most common rodent-related issues include rat infestations on the exterior of properties and mice or rats inside of buildings.

Rat Rodent in NYC

Rodent Capture

In addition to posing serious public health concerns, rats and other rodents cause $27 billion in annual losses in the United States each year.  The economic impact reaches across a wide range of industries, most notably among the hospitality, real estate, education and transportation sectors. So far this year alone, 23 percent of the 7,756 restaurants that have been inspected in Manhattan showed signs of active rats or mice.

Traditional Rat Fighting Technologies Are Unsustainable

There are a variety of traditional methods for protecting against a rodent infestation, including electrical and wire traps, glue, poison and ultrasonic repellents. Most of these methods are not only ineffective and inhumane, but also dangerous and costly.

Traditional traps are cumbersome and often ineffective at capturing and killing rodents. The inefficiency of spring and glue traps brings up serious problems concerning animal cruelty – when they do not kill the rodent immediately it leaves them in cruel states of punishment. Furthermore, rats who escape warn the other rats in a colony to hide elsewhere, making it even more difficult to control the population.

The primary products used to manage rodent populations are lethal rodenticides. But introducing poison can be toxic to animals, humans and the environment.  According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, between 12-15,000 children are accidentally poisoned yearly in the U.S. alone. This method is especially harmful to the food or hospitality industries since it can easily spread to patrons as well as employees.

Despite efforts to control them, rodents remain a persistent problem because these traditional rat fighting technologies are unsustainable. The search for alternative solutions is more urgent than ever.

Rodent Capture Inc devicesRodent Capture Technology

Sustainable and discrete solutions that are not harmful to the earth, animals or humans are in high demand throughout the United States. Our client Rodent Capture, Inc. has developed a technology that addresses these issues and will revolutionize rodent control in homes, businesses, and public spaces across New York City.

Rodent Capture’s rat extermination machine is completely mechanical and uses a lever system to capture rodents. Its formula is made from all natural ingredients, making it safe for people and pets, unlike traditional toxic rat poisons. The odorless formula allows the product to be used safely in areas that demand the highest level of hygiene such as hospitals, restaurants or daycare centers. The discrete, innovative design of the machine can be custom made to blend in with surrounding furniture and allows for easy disguise.

To see what makes this device so unique, watch Rodent Capture’s video “How It Works” below:

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