The Future of New York with Capalino & BPCM Cannabis: Creating the State’s New Cannabis Industry


All eyes are on New York: the world is watching the state roll out its newly legal cannabis industry. Sales are expected to reach $3.7 billion by 2025, according to New Frontier Data. Impressive, but that’s only one reason why NY legalization carries so much weight. Commercially, New York functions as the anchor for the populous Northeast market. Influentially, few cities command the cultural clout of New York, given the one-two punch of its homegrown creative industries and constant stream of tourists—all who’ll return home sharing the new ideas and speaking about the products they’ll experience during their memorable stay.

Watch our lively discussion around the future of New York’s newest industry, including specifics of the new legislation and real possibilities coming out with new license types, new jobs, new business opportunities and new tax reinvestment into communities harmed by the War on Drugs.


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