How Can Businesses Build the Future Generation of Leaders in New York?


Alicia Guevara, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC (BBBS)
In Conversation with Susan Hinkson-Carling, Group Leader, Capalino

As our elected officials, businesses, educational leaders, and NYC residents are struggling to cope with disruptions and quality of life issues, Capalino, New York’s leading urban strategy firm, addresses critical challenges and solutions for recovery with our “Future of New York” series.

During this unprecedented crisis, we have an extraordinary opportunity to engage young people in the solution to making our city a better place, as well as building diversity, equity and inclusion in New York’s workforce. This month’s program will focus on building a better work force by inspiring the future generation of leaders. Capalino’s Group Leader Susan Hinkson-Carling will host this interactive webinar and interview Alicia Guevara, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC (BBBS), joined by a “Big and Little” BBBS mentor and mentee.

Some of the topic covered include:

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