City Hall News Digital Communications Series at Baruch College


At the second session of the Digital Communications series held on Friday October 14th at Baruch College and produced by City Hall News, Editor Adam Lisberg moderated a panel of distinguished experts including, NYC Council member Gale Brewer, Governmental Operations Chair; Scott Burns CEO of GovDelivery; Mark Drapeau; Microsoft’s Office of Civic Innovation and Editor of Publicyte; Sarah Kaufman MTA Digital; and NYC’s Chief Digital Officer, Rachel Sterne. The topic was: How digital tools are (and are not) impacting communications in and around government? There were many great insights and examples of how new communications have helped more people deal with government and receive services, but some of the difficulties faced included the “digital divide” issue for those who don’t have access to computers and hi speed internet connections.

Entire Panel from Digital Communications at Baruch College

Scott Burns

NYC Council Member Gail Brewer

Mark Drapeau

Scott Burns

Rachel Sterne answers first question


Mark Drapeau with Laura Van Straaten

Andrew McLaughin, Executive Director of Civic Commons

Rich Robbines, VP, Senior Digital Strategist at MWW Group

Gale Brewer, New York City Council Member, attending the last session: What's Next?

Panel IV, What's Next? Trends in Digital Communications and Information Management

Jon Steinback, Director of Marketing and Communications at FourSquare

Carole Post, Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology for NYC

Sarah Horowitz, Founder & CEO, Freelancers Union

Jonah Seiger, Connections Media Founder, answers question from Adam Lisberg

Panel III on Online Organizing, In and Out of Government

Adam Lisberg, Editor City Hall & The Capitol moderating panel

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