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1. Upcoming Training Workshops being offered by NYC Small Business Services

2. What is the New York State Contract System? Who should be reporting on the Contracting System?

The New York State Contract System is a web-based portal that streamlines and simplifies the MWBE certification and reporting process for procurements and contract compliance across all State agencies and authorities.The system provides many benefits and efficiencies to New York State’s procurement process including bid opportunities, improved contract compliance monitoring and the requirement for prime contractors to make accurate and timely payments to all subcontractors and suppliers.

Any MWBE that will be looking to do business with State Agencies or be utilized as a subcontractor, should be listed on the contracting system.

3. Are you an MWBE or WBE? Need help connecting with City Agencies?

For additional information about MWBE NYC or to sign up for directory and alerts, feel free to contact Tunisha W. Walker at (212) 616-5837

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