Bespoke Yet Durable: Elevecture Reimagines Building Space During Pandemic

Bespoke Yet Durable: Elevecture Reimagines Building Space During Pandemic
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Our world has evolved and has forced us to rethink how we make buildings more usable and safer in a pandemic situation.  Developers and architects are reimagining space without compromising the aesthetics, utilizing new materials and technology in exciting new ways. Elevecture, a company that sits at the cutting edge of architectural design, has been committed to this for a few years.

Elevecture earned a reputation as a visionary by revolutionizing elevator and building interiors.  The intersection of beauty and utility, or purpose-based beauty, dates back to modern philosophers like Kant.  Elevecture’s products combine high design and durability to meet the modern demands of the architecture and building industry.

Elevecture approached Corning several years ago to help solve a customer’s elevator problem, realizing the unique properties of Gorilla® Glass make it an ideal material for elevator and building interiors.  Since that initial meeting, Elevecture has continued to expand their use of Gorilla® Glass beyond elevators into building interiors such as lobbies, office fits outs and residential spaces. Today, because of Covid-19, they are working on antimicrobial elevator buttons and non-skid tabletops to overlay a wood or metal table. 

Elevecture is utilizing Corning® Gorilla® Glass to provide innovative solutions to age-old problems. Originally designed to be a cover glass for consumer electronics, Gorilla® Glass is used in billions of devices worldwide and is continuing to evolve into new applications. Elevecture is continuing its mission to solve common design problems such as weight and durability by laminating thin, lightweight, damage-resistant, and optically clear Gorilla® Glass to wood veneers, delicate fabrics, metals, and graphics for a visually appealing, practical solution.  This solution can save time and money in cleaning and replacing existing materials.  Elevecture can place glass over just about any material allowing for easy cleaning. 

For a building to have a smart design, every part of it needs to work efficiently and reliably to exceed the demands of today and be ready for the demands of tomorrow. 

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