2021 and the Post-Pandemic Urban Economy


with contributions from Rich Kassel, Group Leader, Clean Energy and Sustainability


Implications for Business Leaders and Policymakers

With the arrival of 2021, investors, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers are seeking to understand the key economic and policy trends that will impact cities, as well as identifying which sectors are poised for significant growth, and what the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic will mean for our economy. In some cases, the pandemic has accelerated changes that were already impacting the way cities like New York do business. In other cases, new opportunities and new challenges have arisen that will impact urban areas and local economies for years to come. These dynamics are of importance to policy leaders, early-stage entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders, all of whom will want to be strategic in mapping out their operations and investments in the coming year to align with growth opportunities.

Downtown Manhattan skyline at dawn

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