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Welcome to New York, URBAN-X Cohort 3!

Startup companies are springing up all over the world and at an incredible rate, making an increasingly significant impact on our economy. The 2017 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity; Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which examines startup trends in the 40 largest metropolitan settings in the US, shows New York City (NYC) maintains its position as one of the top 10 metropolitan areas for startup activity.

According to the Metropolitan Area Ranking, NYC has:

  • Entrepreneur Rate of .41%.
    Maintaining an upward trend over the past several years, this is an early measure of startup activity. 41 in 10,000 people each month began to work on their business as a primary job (income source).
  • Opportunity Share of New Entrepreneurs at 84.43%
    A measure of percentage of new entrepreneurs not coming out of unemployment; this is an indicator that the business is borne of market opportunity; not necessity.
  • Startup Density of 86.5%.
    Showing a steady increase in NYC for the past 10 years, this marker is believed to be a measure of the “vibrancy of the startup ecosystem”. It represents the number of startups (less than a year old) per 1000 businesses.

What is Urban-X?

Urban-X is dedicated to the success of metropolitan-focused startups; businesses and technology specifically geared toward making urban (city) life safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Urban-X invests its time, money, and resources in small groups (cohorts) of startups from all over the world. For 20 weeks, the cohort is given full access to the Urban-X culture and resources to develop, scale, market, and connect their businesses. In this way, Urban-X attracts and develops the most innovative urban technologies from around the world to NYC: the newest “urbantech hub” in the world.

Strategically located in industrial Greenpoint in Brooklyn, Urban-X offers startups physical space in which to interface, connect, and grow. Known as A/D/O, Urban-X utilizes this creative community resource and design space as a centralized area to educate entrepreneurs, nurture and develop their business ideas, and provide invaluable contact opportunity.

Here, Urban-X serves as a conduit of information between those startups who wish to succeed in a city environment and the resources crucial to that success. Resources such as:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Real Estate Owners
  • Utility Companies
  • Official City Contacts
  • Media Outlets

Urban-X’s impressively credentialed team of experts lead by Micah Kotch offers invaluable and diverse experience to startups; along with a wealth working knowledge in areas such as innovation, communications, engineering, marketing, and more. To round out their expertise and resources, Urban-X also has 3 “experts-in-residence”. They are:

  • Mechanical Engineering and DFM, Dean DiPietro
  • Software Development and Embedded, Jonathan Gips
  • Visual Design and Branding, Michael Sharp
  • UI/UX Design, Firat Parlak
  • Industrial Design and Product Development, Johan Schwind

Who Makes Up Cohort 03?

The third Urban-X startup group, known as Cohort 03, is a diverse collection of worldwide startup companies; an impressive portfolio of innovative technologies for urban lifestyle, maintenance, and improvement. The Cohort 03 members:

  • Qucit (Quantified Cities): Use of artificial intelligence in urban design technologies.
  • Lunewave: Cross-sector antenna and sensor technology.
  • Roadbotics: Analytic metropolitan road technology.
  • Swiftera: Geo-spatial urban image technology.
  • Versatile Natures: AI technology for urban construction.
  • Upshift: San-Francisco-based urban car rental technology.
  • Blueprint: Innovative energy technologies for commercial buildings.

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Have a new startup that can benefit from all of the resources that NYC and Urban-X has to offer? Apply to be in the next Urban-X Cohort!

Welcome to New York, Urban X Cohort 3!

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