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Torkia International

Torkia International

Category: Business Development

Subcategory: RFP Responses

Problem: The City of New York, in an effort to increase revenues, decided to limit the sale of any items carrying City logos. Torkia International, one of the leading importers and retailers of New York City branded merchandise, needed to respond to a Request for Proposal in order to maintain its successful business. Competition was expected to be highly competitive with multiple firms – many of them much larger than Torkia – responding.

Strategy: To create a winning response that met the City’s financial expectations without impairing Torkia’s revenues, as well as provide a program that met all of the City’s stringent requirements that Torkia had not had to observe before the new regulations were in place.

Result: Capalino+Company worked closely with Torkia’s ownership and management to develop a professional business plan and Response document that met and exceeded the City’s expectations. In-depth financial analysis of the market and anticipated revenues/profits were conducted. Through a continuing series of meetings, fact-finding and research Capalino+Company was able to identify the most important elements required for designation. Capalino+Company created the Response document which was submitted to the City. Torkia was successfully designated by the City.