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NYCEDC Announces 20 Finalists of NYC BigApps 2015 Competition

CongratuBigAppslations to the 20 finalists of NYC BigApps 2015 competition! The nation’s largest civic innovation competition is leveraging the strength of NYC’s tech ecosystem to address four issues identified in Mayor de Blasio’s One New York Plan: Affordable Housing, Zero Waste, Connected Cities and Civic Engagement.

To learn more about the competition, read NYCEDC’s press release

BigApps Finalists

Affordable Housing

  • Affordable Housing Online | NYC – A web- and mobile-enabled search platform for affordable housing
  • – A tool for renters to organize and take action in getting repairs made in their apartments
  • NYCHousingMap – A portal that maps City- and State-financed apartments and (based on input from managing agents) lists the building’s vacancy status
  • – A website that ranks multifamily property managers based on portfolio composition, average violations per unit, average response times, and other metrics

Zero Waste

  • Buymeby – An app that allows food-sellers to post – and users to access – discounts on food based on expiration dates
  • Recycle:It – An app that uses barcodes and RFID tags to help users locate the nearest recycling location for specific items, and helps municipalities, property managers, homeowners and tenants to track their recycling
  • RISE – An online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of waste products so that companies can reduce costs and eliminate waste
  • Treasures – A mobile app that allows you to share objects with others in your community

Connected Cities

  • BreatheNYC – A real-time air quality map of New York City that uses city vehicles (e.g. buses, Citi bikes, taxis, etc.) as sensors
  • CityCharge – A solar-powered charging station for public spaces that uses Bluetooth and beacon technology to gather environmental data and act as a wi-fi hotspot
  • Knodes – A network of low-cost, solar-powered sensors and e-paper monitors that helps cities “listen” to their environment, and “speak” to the public
  • SONYC* – A system to monitor noise pollution, provide an ongoing description of acoustic environments, broaden citizen engagement in noise reporting, and enable agencies to take action
  • SQUID – A low-cost sensor and data platform to measure street surface quality in an effort to help the city better respond to potholes and other street defects

Civic Engagement

  • Addicaid – A digital support network that helps individuals struggling with substance disorders enter and stay in recovery
  • Benefit Kitchen – A benefit screening tool that low-income families can use to learn about the public benefits they’re eligible for
  • IssueVoter – A nonpartisan, end-to-end constituent engagement tool for busy Americans to weigh in on important policy questions and monitor their representatives’ records
  • Simpolfy – A platform that allows users to define their political positions based on influencer groups, and tracks elected officials’ voting records based on those positions
  • SpalChat – A mobile platform to connect NYC school parents with schools to enable efficient collaboration and communication
  • Subnodes – An open-source network of Raspberry Pi-enabled sensors that serve as wireless access points for distributing content, media, and shared digital experiences
  • Voice Polls – An online voting platform meant to increase participation in and inform electoral campaigns
  • WeIntervene – A case management and search platform for school guidance counselors and other City employees to improve speed and effectiveness of service delivery

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