NYC Land Use Bulletin: New Industrial Policy Comes With Significant Changes



Key Provisions Come With Significant Land Use Changes In Industrial Business Zones

On November 3, 2015, Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Mark-Viverito released a 10 Point Action Plan to “modernize the city’s industrial policy backed by more than $115 million in new city funding.”  In addition to launching an Advanced Manufacturing Center, training, and providing grants and loans for new firms, the proposal’s key provisions would limit certain uses in Industrial Business Zones (IBZs):

Hotels would only be allowed by special permit in M1 districts in Industrial Business Zones.

Currently, hotels are as-of-right in all M1 districts, and are prohibited in other manufacturing districts. The City would advance a zoning text amendment creating a special permit for hotels in M1 districts within all Industrial Business Zones except for a portion of the IBZ near JFK.  There are 21 IBZs in the city, with six in Brooklyn, five in the Bronx, seven in Queens, and three in Staten Island. None are located in Manhattan.

In order to advance a zoning text amendment creating a special permit, the City would have to conduct an environmental review, and the text amendment creating the special permit would be subject to the City’s Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP).  The process would probably take 12 or more months to implement.

View the boundaries of the 21 Industrial Business Zones on the Ratified IBZs pdf.

Storage Uses would also be restricted in IBZs. 

Mini-storage and other kinds of personal storage facilities are permitted as-of-right in all manufacturing districts. Because these are low job-generating uses , the city proposes to restrict them in IBZs, although they haven’t specified to what extent. A zoning text amendment subject to public review is needed to restrict storage uses in IBZs.

New models for flexible work space and Innovation Districts would be created

These models would be examined as part of a new study now underway of the North Brooklyn IBZ being led by City Planning. The framework is intended to determine the best way of bringing light industrial, commercial, and limited residential development to appropriate locations.

Private rezoning applications for residential use in IBZs would not be supported by the Administration and City Council.

This is a strengthening of the Bloomberg Administration’s commitment to not rezone IBZs for residential use.

Several other key initiatives are included in the revamped and strengthened industrial policy and programs, designed to grow the industrial sector in the 21st century in New York through investments in city-owned assets ($442 million), new partnerships, and training.

For more details of the proposal, read NYCEDC’s press release: Mayor De Blasio And Speaker Mark-Viverito Unveil Action Plan To Grow 21st Century Industrial And Manufacturing Jobs In NYC 

Where can I get more information?

This proposal will greatly influence the shape of the city and development in the years ahead. Capalino will continue to monitor this proposal and update you on how these changes may affect your developments and projects.

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