How You Can Support Ukrainian Refugees in New York

How You Can Support Ukrainian Refugees in New York

In response to the rapidly developing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Governor Hochul and NYC Mayor Adams have pledged their support to welcome Ukrainian refugees to New York. Governor Hochul has announced that NY stands with Ukraine and has developed a website to provide resources and support services to those affected by the Ukraine invasion. This page lists support services, immigration assistance, emotional support resources, and humanitarian aid lists.

NYC will work with the federal government to expedite refugee status for Ukrainians. The NYC website provides resources for Ukrainian New Yorkers. NYC will support those seeking Temporary Protective Status and relatives who want to bring their relatives. Refugees fleeing from crisis will need assistance to be integrated into NYC communities and navigate their situation. Mayor Adams is looking to identify a warehouse to accept donations of food and medical supplies.

Organizations Working to Help Ukrainian Refugees in New York:

The following organizations provide refugee support within NY and anticipate supporting the influx of Ukrainian refugees that the state will soon see.

Open Homes (Airbnb non-profit)

Open Homes is a free housing version of Airbnb that connects hosts interested in donating housing with groups who are in need of housing. They have facilitated free housing for over 54,000 refugees from countries including Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan and plan to help many Ukrainian refugees as well. Learn more about Open Homes and how to host here.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides opportunities for refugees, asylees, victims of human trafficking, survivors of torture, and other immigrants to thrive in America. Here is more information about IRC in New York. IRC has put together a list of ways that you can help Ukraine, which includes monetary donations, renting to refugee families, and more.

HIAS New York

HIAS New York provides resettlement services to refugees and humanitarian migrants in New York. They provide refugees with services such as initial resettlement, case management, social adjustment, ESL tutoring, employment counseling, job placement, career and other vocational training services to refugees, asylees, and Special Immigrant Visa holders. Their goal is to help refugees integrate into the community and help them become self-sufficient again. More information about HIAS NY can be found here and information about the overall efforts of HIAS can be found here. Donations are being accepted for HIAS Ukraine crisis response efforts.

Hearts and Homes for Refugees

Heart and Homes for Refugees began in 2016 in Westchester County. Their goal is to use community resources to come together and welcome and resettle refugees to communities in the Lower Hudson Valley and beyond. They are a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that works with the U.S. Department of State-designated agencies to welcome refugees. Recently, Hearts & Homes for Refugees has welcomed refugees from Afghanistan, Myanmar and Central America and is ready to show the same compassion to Ukrainian Refugees as they enter the U.S. Read their statement on the Ukraine invasion here. They offer refugees help through the following programs: Community Sponsorship, Direct support, Donation Drives, Tutors, Employment Assistance, Refugees in Literature (education efforts), Community Outreach, Advocacy, and Crisis Support. You can support their mission by becoming a community sponsor, donating to support a newly arriving family, becoming a helping hands partner, volunteering, and participating in donation drives.

Neighbors For Refugees

Neighbors for Refugees is a Westchester non-profit to welcome and support refugees to the community. They provide services such as setting up an apartment before their arrival, orienting them to their new community, getting children in school and adults into ESL classes, assisting in locating jobs or building a business, and supporting them in navigating a new culture and language. You can support their mission by donating, volunteering, and advocating.

Additional Organizations Accepting Donations:

The following list of accredited organizations are accepting donations to aid in their efforts to support both Ukrainian refugees in the U.S. and globally as well as support the people’s needs in Ukraine.  

To learn more about the support these organizations are providing to the people of Ukraine, visit the Better Business Bureau accredited organizations list.

Other resources about the current Ukraine crisis:

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