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If you are interested in pursuing business opportunities pertaining to procurement, please contact Mark Thompson or Tunisha W. Walker.

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Please see the full list of Request for Proposals recently issued by City government below:

Engineering Inspections Services for the Rehabilitation of Grand Concourse Bridge

October 10, 2017- This Procurement is subject to participation goals for Minority-owned Business Enterprises (MBEs) as required by Section 6-129 of the New York Administrative Code. The M/WBE goal for this project is 18 percent .

Pin number: 84118BXBR137

Wood Shavings+Horse Bedding

October 12, 2017- For NYPD locations in all five boroughs

Pin number: 8571800026

RFI for Cardiac Monitors+Automated External Defibrillators

October 12, 2017- The Fire Department of the City of New York (“Fire Department” or “FDNY” or “The Department”) in the interest of promoting competition and in obtaining information on the design, fabrication, technical capabilities, and user interaction of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and Cardiac Monitors, is seeking qualified proposers to respond to this Request for Information (“RFI”).

Pin number: 05718RFI0001

Air Conditioners, Window Installed+Portable

October 13, 2017- Please contact Mark Thompson

Pin number: 8571700112

Component Rehabilitation of Ten Bridges Throughout the Five Boroughs

October 17, 2017– Please contact Mark Thompson.

Pin number: 84117MBBR098

NY Tolling Authorities’ Customer Service Center Operations

November 13, 2017 – The selected Proposer will operate a consolidated customer service center and back office system known as the New York Customer Service Center (NYCSC) for the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, the New York State Thruway Authority, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the New York State Bridge Authority, and the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority. The NYCSC performs activities including transponder distribution, account management, payment processing, customer contact center, violations processing, and invoicing for Tolls by Mail associated with All Electronic Tolling/Open Road Tolling.

Proposer must prove to the satisfaction of the Authority that it has the integrity, skill, experience, financial resources and stability to successfully and faithfully perform the Contract in accordance with the Contract Documents. The Proposer: (i) shall have successfully completed at least two (2) customer service operations projects of a similar nature, one of which shall be currently in operation and have been in operation for a minimum of one (1) year at the time of the Proposal; (ii) at least one of the projects shall have a minimum volume of full service customer accounts (examples include transponder accounts, customer credit card accounts, bank accounts, telecommunication accounts, transit accounts).  Minimum Qualification Requirement Volumes – Customer Accounts – 500,000, Annual Calls – 350,000.

Minority Owned Sub-Contracting Goal: 15%

Women Owned Sub-Contracting Goal: 15%

Inwood Affordable Housing and Library Development

November 20, 2017 – The Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) in partnership with The New York Public Library (NYPL) is accepting proposals to create a high-quality, sustainable, and mixed-use affordable housing development with a new library, and a Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) facility.  Preference will be given to proposals responsive to the Community Visioning Report. This RFP reflects significant reforms to HPD’s RFP selection process, which now places greater emphasis on proposals with plans for neighborhood investment, among other changes to meet the needs of communities.

The Site is located at 4790 Broadway, between Dyckman Street and Academy Street, in Manhattan Community District 12. The Site consists of Block 2233, Lot 13 and a portion of Lot 20, to be merged by the Developer into a single tax lot.  The majority of the Site is currently occupied by the Inwood Branch of the New York Public Library.  The Site also includes a portion of an adjacent City-owned lot (Lot 20) which is currently used as a parking lot for IS 52 junior high school.  This site should be developed as a mixed-use development with affordable housing (100% of the units) for a range of AMI levels.  Affordable housing may include multi-family, senior, and/or supportive housing.  Developers should propose no less than 10% of all units be set aside for the formerly homeless.

The development must include a turnkey replacement of the existing library with an 18,000 square foot community facility space (including fit-out) in the new development to be occupied by the New York Public Library and a new 4,000 square foot Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) facility with 1,350 square feet of outdoor space to be occupied by the NYC Department of Education.  The Site is currently an R7-2 zoning district with a C1-4 commercial overlay. The Site is part of the InwoodNYC study area and is expected to be rezoned to allow for greater density and bulk. Respondents must assume a zoning of C4-4D (R8A equivalent).  The Site will be subject to the requirements of Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH).

Clean Energy Fund: Develop+Field Test Innovative Energy Storage Systems

December 28, 2017 – NYSERDA supports the growth of the energy storage portfolio in New York State. Despite advances in storage technology, several technological challenges still exist including high hardware costs, suboptimal system performance (efficiency, life cycle and thermal stability), and insufficient integration field testing with the grid and other applications. These barriers continue to hinder and effect the growth of energy storage deployment.

As a result, NYSERDA is seeking proposals to develop and field test innovative energy storage systems focused on:

NYSERDA is employing a two-step application process for this solicitation.  All proposers must initially submit a four-page concept paper using the Concept Paper Template provided in Attachment A.  The Concept Paper should provide a concise overview of the proposer’s energy storage innovation. The Concept Paper will be reviewed and scored by a scoring committee based on the Evaluation Criteria in Section IV. If favorably reviewed, proposers will then be invited to submit a full proposal.

Funding:  Two rounds of this solicitation are anticipated for 2017.  The total available funding through Dec. 31, 2018 is $6,300,000.  Up to $1,825,000 will be committed by Dec. 31, 2017 and the remaining funds will be committed during Round 2.

Details.  Proposers are encouraged to visit the Clean Energy Fund section of the NYSERDA website ( and review the Renewable Optimization Chapter of the Clean Energy Investment Plan, which is associated with this solicitation. All documents associated with this solicitation and required details are below.

Medical Experts

OPMC-MEO517- Medical Experts provide the medical expertise necessary for the successful investigation and prosecution of professional medical conduct cases. Their duties include reviewing patient records, researching current medical standards, writing opinions, providing guidance to staff, reviewing physician interviews, consulting with staff attorneys and providing expert testimony at State Board for Professional Medical Conduct Administrative Hearings.

Medical Coordinator

Proposals Continuously Accepted- Medical Coordinators provide professional medical consultation for the Office of Professional Medical Conduct. Their duties include reviewing professional medical conduct cases and patient records and conducting interviews with physicians either under investigation or on probation. Positions are filled throughout the year as needed by specialty.

Construct Infrastructure and Resiliency Improvements at H+H Facilities

June 28, 2018-New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is seeking qualified firms to construct infrastructure and resiliency improvements estimated at ~$173 million at four NYC Health and Hospitals (H+H) facilities: Bellevue Hospital (Manhattan), Coler Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center (Roosevelt Island), Coney Island Hospital (Brooklyn) and Metropolitan Hospital (Manhattan). In October 2012, each facility suffered extensive flood damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Since then, each hospital has temporarily restored the damaged areas and, working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”), have developed plans to mitigate damage from future storms and flooding.

NYCEDC, as the lead of an interagency team, is now focused on completing priority mitigation projects at these four facilities. This initial work will make existing facilities more resilient and protect against future disasters.  Once complete, these initial projects will further the City’s resiliency goals and ensure that these public hospitals have the necessary safeguards in place to operate during a storm and mitigate damage and power loss.

NYCEDC plans to prequalify firms on the basis of factors stated in the RFQ which include, but are not limited to: the firm’s demonstrated experience and expertise in the particular trade for which the firm is submitting its qualifications; the firm’s record regarding accidents and lost work days on construction projects; and the firm’s resources available for the Project.

NYCEDC and H+H will be contracting with multiple design and engineering firms for all contract documents associated with the Services.  The Construction Management firm (CM) will provide construction management services for the Project, including holding all construction subcontracts for the Project.

Notice of Funding Availability for the Preservation of Affordable Housing South of Houston Street

December 31, 2019– The City of New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development announces the availability of $11,800,000 in funding for the acquisition and preservation of affordable housing south of, and including properties on, East/West Houston Streets, bounded by the Hudson and East Rivers in Lower Manhattan to applicants who are funded pursuant to a Request for Qualifications issued by HPD (“RFQ”).

The purpose of the Lower Manhattan Acquisition Program is to preserve residential housing with apartments affordable to low-income households.

Program Description:

Request for Qualifications (RFQ):
In order to become qualified for participation in the program, not-for-profit organizations must respond to the RFQ and be found qualified by HPD. Applicants may respond to the RFQ available at the website below. To be considered for qualification, applicants must demonstrate ownership, management and rehabilitation experience, as well as financial strength and stability. Please refer to the RFQ for more information on qualification.

Qualified not-for-profit organizations may submit proposals to request acquisition funding for eligible residential buildings. Proposals will be assessed on both the viability of the project and strength of the applicant’s experience. Proposals will be evaluated and funded on a “first-come, first-served basis” for the duration of the program. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications received as a result of this advertisement.

Notice Requirements:
All not-for-profit organizations entering into negotiations with building owners must comply with tenant and owner notification procedures in accordance with the federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970. Information about these notification requirements will be provided to pre-qualified non-profits. The Request for Qualifications (RFQ), map of the program area, and additional information about the program are available on HPD’s website: Interested parties should forward all requested documentation to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development; Attention of Lower Manhattan Acquisition Program RFQ Coordinator, 100 Gold Street—Room 9-O3, New York, NY 10038; or electronically to This program is made possible by a grant from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which is funded through Community Development Block Grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Andrew Cuomo, Governor
Bill de Blasio, Mayor
Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development
Vicki Been, HPD Commissioner
David Emil, LMDC President
Avi Schick, LMDC Chairman

Develop Transitional Residences for Homeless Families + Drop-In Center for Adults

November 2, 2020- The Department of Homeless Services is soliciting proposals from organizations interested in developing and operating transitional residences for homeless adults and families including the Neighborhood Based Cluster Residence and drop-in centers for adults. This is an open-ended solicitation; there is no due date for submission. Proposals will be reviewed by the Department as they are received and contracts will be awarded on an on-going basis, until the agency’s capacity needs are met. DHS reserves the right to award a contract on the basis of initial offers received without discussion. Contracts will be awarded to responsible applicants whose negotiated offers are determined to be the most advantageous to the City, taking into consideration the price and other such factors and criteria set-forth in the RFP. Contract award will be subject to the timely completion of contract negotiations between the agency and the selected proposer.

It is anticipated that the transitional residence contracts will range from 3 to 30 years including renewal options and depending on the financial terms and conditions.

Pursuant to Section 312 (c) (1) (ii) of the New York City Charter, the Competitive Sealed Bid procurement method is not the most advantageous method because judgment is required in evaluating competing proposals, and it is in the best interest of the city to require a balancing of price, quality and other factors.

Thus, pursuant to Section 3-03 (c) of the Procurement Policy Board Rules, the open ended RFP will be used because the Department will select qualified providers to develop and operate transitional residences in order to address the need to create additional shelter capacity citywide. In addition, this open-ended method will provide interested applicants an opportunity to propose sites for the targeted population, as they become available for shelter development.

All proposers must meet the following minimum qualifications 1) must have a tax exempt status under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and or be legally incorporated as a for-profit entity; 2) must demonstrate that they have, or can obtain by the contract start date, site control of the proposed Standalone facility location(s); and 3) must demonstrate an intent to enter into lease agreements with the owner(s) or management designee(s) for each property.

Pin number: 07100S003262

Infrastructure+Resiliency Improvements at Coney Island Hospital

May 31, 2022- New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is seeking qualified firms to construct infrastructure and resiliency improvements at Coney Island Hospital. Due its location, the hospital is vulnerable to extreme coastal storms and in October 2012, the facility suffered extensive flood damage as a result of Superstorm Sandy. Since then the hospital has temporarily restored the damaged areas and, working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”), have developed plans to mitigate damage from future storms and flooding.

NYCEDC, as the lead of an interagency team, is now focused on the Major Work project. The construction of the Coney Island Hospital campus project is currently envisioned to build a new resilient acute care hospital tower to be known as the Critical Services Structure (“CSS”) and to include the following work:
• Provide on-site valet parking for 300 cars
• Demolition of existing buildings, including Hammett Pavilion, Building 6, and various existing site improvements;
• Renovation and selective demolition of 60,000 gross sq. feet including portions of the existing Main Building and Tower Building; and
• Build a new permanent flood mitigation structure (s) (e.g. flood wall) around the campus.

NYCEDC is seeking qualifications for the following types of construction contractors:
• Concrete Contractors • Abatement Contractors • Demolition Contractors • Electricians • Plumbers • Elevator Contractor Scaffolding/Sidewalk bridge • Mechanical – HVAC • Fire Protection • Masonry • Site/Civil Work • Low voltage electrician • Site Fencing • Painting • Carpentry • MEP Insulation • Steel Work • Roofing and Waterproofing • Spray on Fire Proofing • Tile Work • Flooring • Windows • General Contractors • Exterior Façade

NYCEDC plans to select contractors on the basis of factors stated in the RFQ which include, but are not limited to: the firm’s demonstrated experience and expertise in the particular trade for which the firm is submitting its qualifications; the firm’s composition and experience in coordinating and implementing similar projects; the firm’s familiarity with public approvals, permitting and experience working with multiple governmental agencies; the firm’s record regarding accidents and lost work days on construction projects; and the firm’s resources available for the Project.  The Services described above will require extensive coordination and collaboration among the Construction Management firm (the “CM”) hired by NYCEDC, the other construction trades working within the Project Site, and the Project Team.

NYCEDC has contracted with NBBJ to lead the design effort for all contract documents associated with the Services. The CM will provide construction management services for the Project, including holding all construction subcontracts for the Project.  NYCEDC anticipates that initial projects will be procured in Q1 2017. Design packages will continue to be completed and released periodically with final projects’ anticipated completion in May 2022. NYCEDC will issue advertisements in the City Record and provide a notice on EDC’s procurement website ( of forthcoming design packages to be issued by the CM. Once NYCEDC posts an advertisement for a forthcoming design package, firms will have approximately 30 days to provide their qualifications in order to be considered for the prequalified list of firms who will receive the bid package from the CM.

It is the policy of NYCEDC to comply with all federal, state and City laws and regulations which prohibit unlawful discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status and other protected category and to take affirmative action in working with contracting parties to ensure certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) share in the economic opportunities generated by NYCEDC’s projects and initiatives.
The HHC Coney Island Hospital Major Work has a Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (“M/WBE”) participation goal of 30 percent. Companies who have been certified with the Empire State Development’s Division of Minority and Women’s Owned Business Development as M/WBE are strongly encouraged to apply to this RFQ. To learn more about M/WBE certification and NYCEDC’s M/WBE program, please visit  An optional informational session will be held on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 11:00 am at NYCEDC. Those who wish to attend should RSVP by email to on or before November 21, 2016.

NYC Industrial Developer “Fund” for Qualified Projects Seeking Fund Support

The NYC Industrial Developer Fund is a $150 million public/private fund to provide project financing for industrial real estate development projects in New York City.  The Fund is designed to catalyze investment in 400,000 sf of new or renovated industrial real estate workspace across New York City, supporting the creation of as many as 1,200 quality and accessible industrial jobs by 2020.The Industrial Developer Fund supports industrial job-creation in New York City by providing public/private financing for industrial real estate development projects.  Total size of the Fund is $150 million, which includes approximately $60 million in public funds leveraging $90 million in private financing.

The Industrial Developer Fund provides qualified real estate developers with partial public gap-financing assistance in the form of grants, low-interest subordinate loans, and guarantees on senior private loans.  These public funds are intended to leverage owner equity so that the transaction merits traditional bank/senior lender financing provided under the Fund structure.

Qualified projects seeking fund support will be considered when high impact projects are unable to move forward due to funding gaps.  The Fund will consider both non-profit and for-profit entities.

New York City’s industrial and manufacturing sector employs 530,000 people, or 15.4 percent of the city’s private sector workforce.  The sector is a vital pathway to the middle class for many families, with median wages of $50,400 a year. In addition, more than 328,000 jobs in the sector (61.5 percent) are located outside Manhattan, 62 percent of the workforce comes from culturally diverse backgrounds, and nearly half are foreign-born. Finally, approximately 63 percent of jobs are available to individuals who do not have a college degree.

For additional information, please contact the NYCEDC Strategic Investments Group at 212.618.5737 or

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