Capalino Helps CNI Guard Enter NY Market and Deliver Innovative Solutions to Strengthen Cities


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CNI Guard was established in Europe to provide solutions for safeguarding and strengthening the resilience of cities, critical infrastructure, utilities and populations. With their proprietary Sensorcore technology as the hub, they have successfully designed smart sensoring solutions, built turnkey systems and delivered custom consultancy services to private and public sector clients. Sensorcore is both a ruggedized hardware and cutting-edge software platform that directly integrates commercially-available sensors and communication infrastructure to create a suite of product solutions.

When CNI Guard decided to bring their technology to the New York marketplace, they partnered with Capalino to help them navigate a multidimensional urban environment.

Together, we strategically identified potential government and public sector customers, created targeted marketing and communications materials that speak to those future clients, and began in-person meetings. After a few visits from abroad, it became clear that CNI Guard was going to thrive in New York City and help to revolutionize how we utilize the “internet of things” and sensoring.

They are currently working on several projects in the private and public sectors focused on various industries, including public works and transportation. They have also hired a New York City-based CEO for the U.S. market, and moved from a co-working environment to a permanent office space in Manhattan.

To learn more about CNI Guard’s innovative technology, visit or watch their video here: 

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For more information on our services or help entering the New York market, contact Senior Vice President Tom Gray

Tom Gray

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For more information on our services or help entering the New York market, contact Senior Vice President Tom Gray at or 212-616-5819.

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