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Checklist for Becoming an MWBE in New York State


Are You Ready to Become Certified by New York State as a Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBEs)?

Here are the documents that you will need to start your application process. These documents are mandatory.

You need to have started and established your business.

  • Your business’s federal tax ID number
  • Your business’s address, phone and contact information
  • Certification Application Notarization
  • Department of State registration for all domestic firms
  • Personal Net Worth Affidavit for each minority or woman upon which certification is based
  • Current year business Financial Statements: including Year-To-Date Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement
  • Most recent three (3) years of Federal, and State tax returns for the BUSINESS including all statements, schedules, and amendments
  • Most recent two (2) years of Federal and State PERSONAL tax returns; including all schedules, W2s, statements and amendments for each minority or woman upon which certification is based
  • Documented proof of sources of capitalization and investments
  • Bank signature card or letter from the bank identifying persons authorized to conduct transactions, level of authority and limitations, if any, on all business accounts
  • Proof of US Citizenship or Proof of permanent resident alien status (i.e. permanent resident “green” card.) for each Minority or Woman who has an ownership interest in the applicant firm
  • Resumes of all principals, partners, officers and/or key employees of the firm
  • Current, signed lease or Deed for all locations where your firm conducts business
  • Certificate of Publication, with the Affidavits of Publication
  • Certificate of Registration or Articles of Organization
  • Operating Agreement and any amendments

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If applicable, your firm must also supply the following:

  • Personal Net Worth Worksheet for each minority or woman upon which certification is based that has a net worth exceeding $1.3 million
  • Proof of gender (any government-issued identification)
  • Proof of minority status as described in the definition of MBE under Article 15-A for each Minority who has an ownership interest in the applicant firm
  • All signed third party agreements including equipment rentals, purchase agreements, management, service agreements, etc.
  • Any certification, decertification or denial of certification documentation
  • Any employment agreements
  • Copies of all licenses, permits, certifications, and/or accreditations utilized by this firm to conduct business, including those held by individual
  • Copy of the New York State Vendor Tax Registration
  • Signed lease Agreements or proof of ownership for office space, yard space, warehouse space, and/or equipment
  • Vehicle registration(s) for all vehicles used for business purposes and/or charged to the Business
  • If out-of-state, Certificate of Authority to conduct business in New York State, and any amendments
  • Written request for exemption from disclosure regarding trade secrets
  • Written request for exemption from public disclosure of certain records maintained by the program
  • Proof of business activity in the form of a signed contract or purchase order


Capalino+Company provides clients with the highest quality services for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs). Combining unparalleled experience, a broad range of relationships and a deep knowledge of government processes, we collaborate with our clients to successfully navigate the complex rules, regulations and politics of local and state governments.

Tunisha WalkerServices in our MWBE consulting group include:

  • Problem Solving and Technical Assistance
  • Relationship Building and Networking amongst MWBE’s and Corporations
  • Business Development
  • Directory Referral Listings of Vetted MWBE’s

For further information please contact Tunisha Walker.

Capalino+Company takes pride in providing you with the latest information regarding MWBE Workshops and Events. If you are an MWBE or a DBE that is looking for assistance with finding out additional information regarding the workshops, events or RFP’s listed in this newsletter, please feel free to contact Tunisha W. Walker.