City Planning Commission Chairman Carl Weisbrod Highlights City Growth at ABNY Breakfast


NYC Planning Commissioner Carl Weisbrod at ABNY Breakfast

Written by Richard Barth, Capalino’s Executive Vice President for Housing and Real Estate Strategies. To learn more about our Land Use Planning + Zoning services, contact Richard at or 212-616-5845.


Richard Barth, Executive Vice President of Capalino

At the Association for a Better New York (ABNY) breakfast on Thursday, September 8, City Planning Commission Chairman Carl Weisbrod gave remarks on planning for a growing and changing New York City.

Weisbrod noted that the City has reached a population peak of 8.55 million, with an addition of 375,000 people since 2010.  Moreover, the City’s senior population is expected to increase to over 40 percent and hit 1.4 million by 2040.  These changes, coupled with continued job growth, all increase the demand for land, and public investment is needed to ensure that the City’s population continues to thrive.

“We must have equal housing opportunities, make tech work for us, and have politics reflect what’s best about us,” said Weisbrod. 

At Capalino, we work closely with developers and not-for-profits to understand the opportunities created by these changes. We help our clients navigate the new zoning regulations for Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH), Zoning for Quality and Affordability (ZQA), and other housing subsidy programs which have been designed to facilitate new mixed income housing, and respond to the City’s growing aging population.

Specific zoning map changes are critical to meet the expanding housing and economic development needs articulated by Carl Weisbrod. At Capalino, we specialize in helping developers and not-for-profits conceive and shape rezoning proposals that respond to the city’s objectives and produce their desired outcomes.

Read Carl Weisbrod’s Full Remarks


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