Capalino Supports PowerMyLearning’s Innovative Learning Awards


Honoree Amanda Pullinger, CEO of 100 Women in Hedge Funds

Capalino is proud to support PowerMyLearning, formerly CFY, a national not-for-profit organization that helps students, teachers, and parents use digital learning to improve educational outcomes. On June 9, members of the Capalino team attended the PowerMyLearning annual benefit, the Innovative Learning Awards, which celebrated excellence and innovation in education, and honored the supporters, parents, teachers, and students who contribute to PowerMyLearning and the world of digital learning.

Ellen Schubert, the event chair, emceed the evening. The first speaker was Elisabeth Stock, the dynamic PowerMyLearning Co-Founder and CEO. She spoke to the incredible successes of the organization in the past year, the impact of PowerMyLearning on educational outcomes, and introduced the new name of the organization. Elisabeth built CFY on the principles that all children can take ownership of their own learning, all teachers can use digital activities to differentiate and increase the impact of their teaching, and all families can use digital learning to improve a child’s home learning environment. These principles have led to increased school performance and long-term outcomes for students who have used PowerMyLearning tools.

Innovation Awards

PowerMyLearning Innovation Learning Awards


Amanda Pullinger, the CEO of 100 Women in Hedge Funds, was honored with the prestigious Visionary Leader Award. 100 Women in Hedge Funds has become an organization that provides mentorship, builds capacity, and promotes philanthropy for women in the investment industry. This work aligns strongly with the PowerMyLearning belief that underrepresented communities can gain from alternative learning communities. Amanda spoke to the importance of mentorship, innovation, motivators, and pioneers in achieving success academically and professionally. She shared the moving story of her grandfather, whose persistence inspired her to always reach further and demand excellence of herself and those around her.

CFY 30- capalino supports PowerMyLearning

Capalino supports PowerMyLearning

The next speaker was Jessica Santana, an alumna of PowerMyLearning, who co-founded Brooklyn on Tech which provides tech-related enrichment and professional experiences for high school students. Jessica founded Brooklyn on Tech because of the impact PowerMyLearning had on her as a child from a low-income community in Brooklyn. She graduated from high school and received her BS in Accounting from Syracuse, practiced accounting for some time and then, after reflecting on her experience with PowerMyLearning, realized that her true passion was tech. She returned to school and earned her Master’s Degree in Information Management and Technology, worked at Accenture and Deloitte, and then left to start the organization. Jessica’s story is a testament to the long-term impact of digital learning in New York City.


Lindsay Safran (left), Safeena Mecklai (center), Valerie Coburn-Lichtenstein

The final awardee was Jennifer Pena, who received the Parent of the Year Award. Jennifer was introduced by her daughter, Cateleen Pena, who described her mother’s dedication in helping her with homework, attending PTA meetings, and asking questions at school events. Cateleen was powerful evidence of her mother’s dedication: she was confident, excited, and articulate in telling a room full of people how PowerMyLearning had impacted her family. Hearing about Jennifer’s commitment to digital learning was an example of the ownership parents feel in the program.

Capalino’s Chief Operating Officer, Travis Terry, currently serves on the Board of PowerMyLearning, and the entire firm is thrilled to support the work of this incredible organization.

PowerMyLearning (formerly CFY) is a nation-wide nonprofit organization that helps school leaders, teachers, students, and parents use digital learning to improve educational outcomes. CFY uses digital learning to transform low-income school communities, support educational equity, and improve student achievement. Research shows that their Digital Learning Program has had a positive impact on student engagement and achievement, as well as parental confidence. CFY’s annual benefit, the Innovative Learning Awards, celebrates excellence and innovation in education, and honors the supporters, parents, teachers, and students who have enriched CFY’s world.

To learn more about PowerMyLearning (CFY), visit CFY’s website


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PowerMyLearning Innovation Awards


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