Capalino Ranked One of New York State’s Top 10 Lobbying Firms


Travis Terry Highlights MWBE Connect NY and the Importance of Technology for Lobbyists in His Interview with City & State

Capalino is proud to be ranked among the top lobbying firms in New York State. This week City & State released their special issue New York State’s Top 10 Lobbyists in which Capalino is ranked #6.

“This recognition is a testament to our experienced team of experts who work hard on behalf of our clients throughout New York City and State,” says Chief Operating Officer Travis Terry. 

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Read the full interview with City&State below:

CITY&STATE: What does it take to be a successful lobbyist in Albany?

TRAVIS TERRY: I think the first thing is credibility. You definitely need to have command of the issues that you’re lobbying on as well as an acknowledgement of the political arena. You also need the experience of just knowing what it takes to get to the outcome you’re looking for and that’s why we have spent a lot of time recruiting people with a lot of experience. I think the second thing is you certainly need to have an enthusiasm and passion for what you’re advocating for and be knowledgeable about what you’re trying to achieve and make sure that that enthusiasm comes through.

CITY&STATE: Who are your top clients? What areas do you specialize in?

TRAVIS TERRY: Our firm specializes in three different areas. One is real estate and we have experts on our team that help with everything from zoning and construction permits to community relations. The second area is nonprofits, so we do a lot of work in public policy, legislation and budget. The third area is business strategy. Capalino is well-known for its lobbying, but we also do a fair amount of strategic consulting for businesses and that could be everything from government opportunities to public sector opportunities to general business strategy on how to run a successful business in New York City looking at both the public and private sector and creating corporate responsibility practices, MWBE compliance and all the things that make a business successful.

CITY&STATE: How is the lobbyist business changing?

TRAVIS TERRY: I think the biggest change has been technology, specifically in two areas. One is the speed at which things become news and the impact of social media and how that certainly impacts how government and elected officials react. The other area is the need to utilize technology to help be a successful lobbyist. We actually do a fair amount of digital strategy work in our firm as it relates to our advocacy campaigns and we also just launched our first app called MWBE Connect NY, which helps connect MWBE companies to city and state procurement opportunities. So we have really given a lot of thought to the ways in which technology can improve our services.

To see the full list and read interviews of City&State’s Top 10 Lobbyists in NYS, visit City & State’s website.

To learn more about Chief Operating Officer Travis Terry, read Travis’ bio here:

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