Capalino Insider: Q&A with Ben Kleinbaum, Senior Vice President, Legislative + Political Affairs

Ben Kleinbaum, Senior Vice President, Legislative and Political Affairs, Capalino

What do you specialize in at Capalino?

I co-lead the Legislative and Political Affairs practice group. As the name suggests, we focus on legislation at the City Council and State level as well as land use actions, seeking funding for not-for-profits and other issues where there are multiple stakeholders with different views.

What is your favorite place in NYC, and why?

The Commodore in Williamsburg. It has the best fried chicken sandwich in New York City (it’s also where my fiancé and I had our first date).

If you could have dinner with one legend, who would it be?

I would definitely have dinner with Teddy Roosevelt. From serving in the State Legislature and as NYC Police Commissioner to being President and everything he did in between, I am sure he would have some great stories to tell.

What is your proudest accomplishment? 

I have been fortunate to work with some amazing clients who have done great things to improve the City. One recent project I am proud of is the Tech Training Center at 14th Street which just started construction. Our client, RAL, in partnership with the City, is creating an amazing building where people can learn the skills needed to work in the City’s growing tech sector and new entrepreneurs can find space as they grow their companies. 

What’s one thing nobody knows about you?

I was a drummer in a band in college. There are probably clips of me playing still floating around on Youtube and MySpace.

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