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MWBE NYC  provides subscribers with access to vital information including weekly announcements and RFP notices for  businesses that are seeking MWBE assistance.

What can Capalino+ Company do?

Our mission is to provide MWBE’s with a voice and create open lines of communication between MWBE’s, local agencies and businesses throughout New York. Capalino +Company has heard the stories and have witnessed the struggles that minority women business enterprises have faced. With our vast knowledge and expertise on government, we have created a Capalino Team that is ready and able to provide MWBE’s with the following resources and services:

  • MWBE NYC Alert:

    Our firm will provide MWBE’s with access to vital MWBE information such as; Capalino Weekly Announcements, RFP’s Announcements, and information about businesses that are seeking MWBE assistance. Our MWBE NYC Alert will also provide links to the NYC Small Business Service site for additional information on MWBE trainings and forums, and conferences. By signing up for the “MWBE NYC Alert” located on the Capalino+ Company website MWBE’s will finally have a place to go to stay connected. It will provide notifications regarding changes to legislative policies regarding MWBE and updates regarding the Capalino firm.
  • MWBE Promoting:

    We will provide MWBE’s with assistance with promoting their businesses with local City Agencies and other business entities.
  • MWBE Networking:

    With our vast network of private and local businesses, we will provide assistance with helping MWBE’s make the necessary connections to help improve their business.  

How will Capalino + Company help you?

We will take an in-depth look at your MWBE business and see what valuable resources and services best fit your needs.

Our in-depth look, will provide you with a check balance system on how to improve your business. Capalino+ Company has a proven track record of successfully helping clients; from lobbying elected officials, improving client’s corporate social responsibilities; to negotiated major contracts.

For additional information about MWBE NYC or to sign up for our directory and alerts, feel free to contact Tunisha W. Walker. at (212) 616-5837.