Blockbuster Success Story

Category: Government Relations

Subcategory: Licensing/Permitting

Problem: Blockbuster, one of the world’s leading providers of videos, DVDs and video games announced a nationwide trading program where customers can trade in old video’s, DVDs and video games for store credit. In order to legally implement the program in New York City, Blockbuster was unsure about what regulations existed in New York City that could affect the program.

Strategy: Capalino conducted an exhaustive analysis of the regulatory issues and process facing Blockbuster’s trading program.

Result: Capalino’s analysis found that Blockbuster needed to secure a second-hand dealer license from the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs for each of its 70 stores. Capalino then worked closely with senior executives at Blockbuster to secure the appropriate documents and complete the application. Capalino then facilitated a streamlined process with senior officials at the Department of Consumer Affairs to create an easy and expeditious process to secure both the needed licenses as well as licenses for any future stores.

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