Alliance for the Arts


Capalino works with Alliance for the Arts NYC Success StoryThe Alliance for the Arts, a not-for-profit organization which serves the entire New York City and State cultural communities through research and advocacy and serves the public through numerous cultural guides and calendars, sought public funding to support its various services and to build the first Citywide cultural database.

Capalino helped Alliance for the Arts launch an awareness campaign to inform officials in the Mayor’s Office and the New York City Council about the value the Alliance brings to the City and their constituents.

In conjunction with the client, Capalino composed a case statement outlining the reasoning for public funding for the Alliance for the Arts. We advocated on behalf of our client with the City Council and officials in the Mayor’s Office in conjunction with the City’s budget process to request funding for the Alliance for the Arts.

The Alliance for the Arts was successful in generating approximately $160,000 per year in funding for its services and more than $2 million in capital funding for its cultural database, which should be launched in late 2007.

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