Zoe-Morales-Ervolino, Analyst at Capalino

Zoe Morales Ervolino


Zoe joins Capalino as an Analyst where she supports the firm in all areas of data and research.


Zoe is a New Yorker and recent graduate of Yale University where she earned her dual-degree in History and American Studies.

While at Yale, she developed her quantitative wheelhouse through her work at the Institute for Social and Policy Studies. Since graduating, Zoe has tried her hand in several industries, and worked for The Ford Theatre in Los Angeles over the summer of 2020 as a recipient of Yale’s LA Arts Internship, as well as with Ceremonia, a clean hair-care line rooted in Latinx heritage. Somewhere along the way, she taught herself how to code.

At Capalino, Zoe’s favorite projects have involved climate positive intervention schemes and innovative urban design solutions. She is currently working on an initiative that aims to accelerate commercial fleet electrification in NYC’s last-mile delivery through inventive partnerships with EV brokers and city planners. She is delighted to put her research skills into practice as an Analyst at Capalino.

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