Jamey Battle


Jamey is an Analyst who currently supports the Social Impact and Real Estate teams in research and data collection.


Before joining Capalino, Jamey spent 9 months as a NYC Coro Fellow in Public Affairs where she completed deliverables for 5 different sectors and engaged with private, public, and non-profit leaders. Her placements allowed her to gain a keen understanding of how government, labor, non-profit, and business stakeholders intersect in policymaking as well as what unique tools are deployed in each sector. Jamey has also served as a Producer for the UCLA Burkle Center’s Worldview Docuseries team where she engaged with political experts for episodes regarding space militarization, the CCP, and international tax evasion.

Jamey received her B.A. in Sociology from UCLA. She is an Alum of Coro New York, a Member of Manhattan Young Democrats and Member of the Regional Plan Association Emerging Leaders Council. In her free time, Jamey loves to sketch, go to stand-up comedy shows and make her way through her restaurant bucket list.

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