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Should the Kingsbridge Armory Be Turned Into an Ice Skating Rink?

Crain’s New York Business – February 1, 2012

A group that includes New York Rangers legend Mark Messier and Olympic Gold medalist Sarah Hughes, wants to turn the Kingsbridge Armory into a complex with multiple ice skating rinks and a 5,000-seat arena. In addition to drawing ice shows, competitions and college and pro teams looking for practice space, the plan includes a program for youth modeled after one in Philadelphia started by Ed Snider, the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers. The program uses hockey to teach inner-city children life skills. A figure skating component would be added.

Should the Kingsbridge Armory be turned into an ice skating rink?

Yes? The rink can create 300 full-time jobs, 900 temporary construction jobs and give an assist to under-privileged kids. Plus, who doesn’t love ice skating?

No? We have plenty of ice skating in the city, and there are better uses for the 575,000-square-foot space. Related’s mall project would have created many more jobs and retail is a smarter bet.