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Business Strategy

Business Strategy


Capalino+Company’s Business Strategy team works with start-ups, growth stage, and established firms to identify and unlock growth opportunities and navigate the challenges of New York’s complex and rapidly changing business landscape.

We provide a full suite of services to help businesses launch and grow in the New York market, ensuring long-term, sustainable success.


  • Agency Resolution + Permitting
    Navigate the bureaucratic red-tape and assist with securing permits, licenses and approvals from City, State and governmental agencies.
  • Economic Development Incentives
    Assist businesses in identifying and accessing high-value discretionary tax incentives in order to lower the overall cost of property acquisitions, capital improvements, and business operations.
  • Energy, Environment + Sustainability Planning
    Advise on policy, regulation and business development efforts, and develop and implement low-emission, sustainable business strategies, facilitating the adoption of innovative building, energy, resiliency, solid waste, transportation, and water technologies, products, and projects.
  • Land Use, Housing + Real Estate
    Help secure City and State zoning and land use approvals, provide financial analysis, and deliver comprehensive brokerage assistance, including identifying market trends and issues, site analysis, and handling complicated, multi-layered transactions.
  • Legislative + Political Affairs
    Lobby City, State and governmental agencies on behalf of businesses to influence regulation, legislation and public policy, and to secure government funding for operations, programs and capital construction.
  • Social Impact Consulting
    Assist and advise companies on all types of Social Impact initiatives, improving brand equity through the implementation of social impact, good neighbor and corporate citizenship initiatives, which is vital in the support of a business-friendly marketplace.
  • Diversity, Inclusion + MWBE Consulting
    Provide advisory services to corporations related to diversity, inclusion and MWBE compliance and assist in developing go-to-market strategies that attract and secure contractors and vendor partners in support of the City’s and State MWBE goal.