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Looking Ahead: Tavern On The Green San Francisco

Looking Ahead: Tavern On The Green San Francisco

New York Times 5/7/2008

By Florence Fabricant

By next summer, Tavern on the Green will open its first branch, in San Francisco. The 30,000-square-foot restaurant will be on the fourth floor of the Metreon, overlooking Yerba Buena Gardens. It will have topiary trees with glittering lights on the terrace and a Maxwell’s Plum bar. The landmark restaurant in Central Park in Manhattan was first leased by Warner LeRoy from the city in 1974 and has been run by the LeRoy family ever since. The lease for the restaurant, which grosses nearly $40 million a year, is up on Dec. 31, 2009: 101 Fourth Street (Mission Street), San Francisco.