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Ask About the Health of the Arts

Ask About the Health of the Arts

New York Times 5/9/2008

By The New York Times

This week, through Friday, Randall Bourscheidt, the president of a nonprofit arts organization in New York that conducts research and also runs a cultural guide and calendar, will be answering readers’ questions about the economic health of the arts in the city, and what the city is doing to strengthen its commitment to the vitality of the arts. We are no longer taking questions on this feature.

Mr. Bourscheidt is the president of the arts advocacy organization, the Alliance for the Arts. His longtime professional involvement in the arts in New York has included serving as deputy commissioner of cultural affairs in the 1980s and as chairman of the New York City Advisory Commission for Cultural Affairs in the 1990s.

Under his leadership, the Alliance has published a number of studies on the cultural community in the city, state and region including: Arts as an Industry: Their Economic Impact on New York City and New York State, 2007; NYC Arts Audiences: Attendance at NYC Cultural Venues, 2005; Culture Builds New York: The Economic Impact of Capital Construction at New York City Cultural Institutions, 2003; and Who Pays for the Arts: Income for the Nonprofit Cultural Industry in New York City, 2002.

Mr. Bourscheidt is a trustee of the American Friends of the Paris Opera and Ballet, City Center of Music and Drama, the George Balanchine Foundation, the Landmarks Preservation Foundation, and Moving Theater. He is a former chairman of the Committee for the Dance Collection of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, and a former trustee of Creative Time. He is a member of the National Committee of Glimmerglass Opera and on the advisory committee of Chez Bushwick. He is chairman of the Brendan Gill Prize jury of the Municipal Art Society.