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Affairs and Appointments – January 6, 2011

Affairs and Appointments – January 6, 2011


  • Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Quinn Announce More Than 500 Restaurants Have Gone Through the City’s New Business Acceleration Program That Speeds up Job Creation
  • Mayor Bloomberg Announces Completion of Major Milestones in 911 System Overhaul Sought by the City for Decades
  • City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, Chair of the Council’s General Welfare Committee Annabel Palma, and GreenMarket Director GrowNYC, Michael Hurwitz Announced a Significant Increase in Food stamp use at Greenmarkets


  • Governor Cuomo Outlines Plan to Continue Building a New York by Growing the Economy, Reinventing State Government, and Advancing New York as a Progressive Leader
  • Governor Cuomo Announces Completion of Major Restoration Projects at the New York State Capitol


  • New this week:
    • DCP: Environmental Consulting and Engineering Related Services




Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Quinn Announce More Than 500 Restaurants Have Gone Through the City’s New Business Acceleration Program That Speeds up Job Creation

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn announced that a total of 546 restaurants have opened using the services of the New Business Acceleration Team, a City Council initiative first announced in Speaker Quinn’s 2009 State of the City address. The initiative allows restaurants to go through the City’s permitting processes more quickly and speeds up the process of opening a new restaurant from six months to four. For more information, click here.

Mayor Bloomberg Announces Completion of Major Milestones in 911 System Overhaul Sought by the City for Decades

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano and Information Technology Commissioner Carole Post announced the completion of major milestones in the City’s 911 emergency call system overhaul. For the first time in city history, 911 emergency call takers and dispatchers from the NYPD, FDNY and Emergency Medical Dispatch services are located on the same floor and operating on the same technology, improving inter-agency communications and emergency response. For more information, click here.

City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, Chair of the Council’s General Welfare Committee Annabel Palma, and GreenMarket Director GrowNYC, Michael Hurwitz Announced a Significant Increase in Food stamp use at Greenmarkets

Food stamp purchases at Greenmarkets increased from $505,166 to over $620,000 in 2011, a 23 percent increase from 2010. Some markets reported nearly $6,000 in food stamp sales in a single day. In 2011, approximately 75% of food stamp dollars at Greenmarkets were spent on fresh fruits and vegetables, while EBT spent on baked goods dropped by nearly 5 percent. This is important to note because families that qualify for federal food stamp aid often live in neighborhoods with limited access to nutritious, healthy food. For more information, click here.

New York City Council Restores Budget Cuts to Enhance Public Safety

Council Speaker Quinn, along with Finance Chair Domenic M. Recchia, Jr., Health Chair Maria del Carmen Arroyo, Public Safety Chair Peter Vallone, Jr. and Women’s Issues Chair Julissa Ferreras announced the restoration of $730,000 in critical funding to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) that will preserve 12 positions in forensic biology and evidence. The Council restoration enables the OCME to continue supporting current DNA caseloads, which would have otherwise begun to experience a backlog of untested cases and potentially dangerous and unacceptable delay of results. The restorations will be approved at ’s stated Council meeting as part of the City’s First Quarter Budget Modification. For more information, click here.

New York City Council Votes to give New Yorkers TIPS: Transparency in Paving Streets

The City Council voted on the bill, Transparency In Paving Streets (TIPS), which will require the Department of Transportation (DOT) to post on its website the year city streets were last resurfaced or received capital improvement, and the current rating of city blocks (i.e., good, fair or poor) pursuant to DOT’s street assessment system. The Council will also vote on legislation proposed by our Green Codes Task Force. This bill will improve indoor air quality in commercial buildings and residences by limiting the emissions of certain harmful compounds from carpets and carpet cushions. Emissions from these compounds can cause serious health problems. For more information, click here.


Governor Cuomo Outlines Plan to Continue Building a New York by Growing the Economy, Reinventing State Government, and Advancing New York as a Progressive Leader

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo delivered his 2012 State of the State Address in which he outlined a comprehensive agenda that builds on the success of last year. The Governor launched a new economic development blueprint that invests billions of dollars in key public-private sector partnerships and rebuilding infrastructure to create thousands of new jobs across the state, proposed a reinvention of how government operates in order to get results for the people while protecting taxpayer dollars, and detailed a series of actions to strengthen New York’s legacy as the progressive capital of the nation.

Below are the highlights of the proposals made by Governor Cuomo. For more information, click here. Click here for the speech.

  • New York Will Build the Largest Convention Center in the Nation: To build on New York’s strength as an international tourist destination, Governor Cuomo proposed a project to build the largest convention center in the country at the Aqueduct Race Track venue in New York City. The 3.8 million square foot convention center would accommodate the nation’s largest events, drive demand for hotel rooms and restaurant meals, and create new tourism revenues. The project would be a $4 billion private investment that is estimated to generate tens of thousands of jobs and create new economic activity throughout the state.
  • Master Plan for the Jacob Javits Site: With plans for a new convention center in New York City, the Governor called for a master plan for the Jacob Javits site to create a mixed use facility and revitalize New York City’s West Side with 18 acres of planned development. The plan would follow the successful Battery Park City model and involve more than $2 billion in estimated private sector development funds to create a new 21st century neighborhood on the West Side.
  • $1 Billion Economic Development Package for Buffalo: Buffalo is the third poorest city in the nation with 28% of its residents living in poverty and chronically high unemployment. To combat this, the Governor announced that New York State will offer national and global industries up to $1 billion in multi-year economic development incentives to come to Buffalo. By inviting large investments in growth industries- similar to those which made the Capital Region into a world-class center for nanotechnology innovation and the home of major semiconductor manufacturers- the Governor’s plan for Buffalo is designed to create thousands of jobs and spur at least $5 billion in new investment and economic activity.
  • A Second Round of Regional Economic Development Awards: Building on the success of the Regional Economic Development Councils, Governor Cuomo announced that New York will keep the momentum going with a $200 million second competitive round of regional economic development awards in 2012. The Councils have transformed the state’s economic development approach from a top-down model to a bottom-up, community-based one. The second round of awards will allow each region to continue creating its own economic destiny. In addition, the New York Open for Business campaign will step up its efforts to market New York to the world as a place to invest and will expand its promotion tourism by highlighting regional treasures like the Adirondacks, Catskills, wine country, and Long Island beaches.
  • A Comprehensive Approach to Casino Gaming: Recognizing that New York is losing tax revenue, tourism dollars and jobs to neighboring states, Governor Cuomo announced that he will support a constitutional amendment to allow gaming in New York State. An estimated $1 billion in economic activity could be generated from gaming in New York State.
  • The New York Works Fund and Task Force: To help create private sector jobs and rebuild New York’s infrastructure, Governor Cuomo announced the creation of the New York Works Fund and Task Force to coordinate and leverage capital investment- twenty private sector dollars to every public dollar- and put thousands of New Yorkers to work. The fund will support projects to improve or replace more than 100 bridges including the Tappan Zee, repair work to 2,000 miles of roadways, upgrades to 90 municipal water systems, improvements to 48 state parks and historic sites, and repair work to 114 flood control projects and dams.
  • An “Energy Highway” System to Power New York’s Economic Growth: To ensure a cost efficient and reliable supply of power is available to fuel the state’s economic growth, the Governor announced a plan to build a private sector funded $2 billion “Energy Highway” system that will tap into the generation capacity and renewable energy potential in Upstate and Western NY to bring low-cost power to meet the tremendous energy needs in Downstate New York. The plan also calls for the repowering of old and dirty plants to stop pollution in urban neighborhoods.
  • Invest in Solar While Protecting Ratepayers: Noting that New York is a national leader in cost-effective, renewable energy production, Governor Cuomo announced that his administration will launch the NY-Sun Initiative to expand solar energy production in the state while keeping costs under control to protect the ratepayer. NY-Sun will help increase competitive procurement of large, commercial-sized solar projects and expand rebate programs for residential and commercial small-to-medium systems. The program will strengthen the state’s energy sector, and is designed to quadruple annual development of solar by 2013.
  • Expedite On-Bill Financing for Consumer Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Governor Cuomo announced that On-Bill financing, a statewide program that allows consumers to retrofit their homes with energy efficient upgrades and pay for the cost on their monthly energy bill, will be offered to homeowners beginning in January 2012. On-Bill financing was scheduled to go live in June, but an agreement between the state and utilities expedited the start, allowing for new jobs to be produced immediately and benefits to be delivered to 40,000 homes across the state.
  • Master Plan for Energy Efficiency in State Facilities: To promote energy efficiency, save taxpayer money, create jobs, and reduce pollution, Governor Cuomo announced that the State has developed a master plan for accelerating energy-saving improvements in state facilities. The plan is designed to save millions of dollars through new economical energy efficiency measures and would come at no cost to the state as the upfront investment would be repaid from the energy savings. The program will create thousands of high skilled jobs and reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 8.1 million metric tons.
  • Farm-NY: Strengthening New York’s Agriculture Sector: Recognizing that agriculture contributes billions of dollars to New York’s economy, Governor Cuomo announced a series of measures to support farmers and help the agricultural industry grow. To improve access to low interest loans that will assist farmers with infrastructure upgrades, the New York State Linked Deposit Program will be expanded to provide farmers in any part of the state with capital at affordable interest rates. Noting that 1.5 million New Yorkers live in areas with limited supermarket access, the Governor called for expanding the successful FreshConnect farmers’ market program to provide more residents with healthy, New York-grown food. In addition, the Governor called for the creation of large-scale distribution hubs strategically located across the state to improve promotion of produce grown by New York farmers.
  • Long Term Commitment to Fiscal Discipline: Recognizing that the State is more competitive when taxes are reduced, Governor Cuomo called for holding the line on spending this year and closing the remaining $2 billion budget deficit with no new taxes or fees.
  • Mandate Relief: Noting that by next year, pension costs for schools, state, and local governments will have increased more than 100% since 2009, Governor Cuomo called for reform to the pension system and the creation of a Tier VI retirement plan. The Governor announced that he will ask the joint Legislative and Executive Mandate Relief Council to hold public hearings and issue a package of recommendations to be voted on this legislative session.
  • Transforming Public Education: New York spends more money on education than any other state, yet places 38th in graduation rates. To reform the state’s education system, Governor Cuomo announced that he will appoint a bipartisan education commission to work with the Legislature to recommend reforms in key areas including teacher accountability, student achievement, and management efficiency.
  • Redesigning New York’s Emergency Management System: The destructiveness ofHurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee revealed limitations in the state’s emergency response operations, including breakdowns in communications and transportation, as well as inadequacies in deployment of personnel. In an effort to build the best state emergency operation in the country and prepare New York for future emergency situations, Governor Cuomo called for a new statewide network of municipal and regional emergency responders. The network will improve statewide communications and help ensure that resources can be deployed effectively in emergency situations.
  • Foreclosure Prevention Assistance: The financial crisis has taken a serious toll on homeowners across New York State, with many forced out of their homes and others facing foreclosure, Governor Cuomo announced that the Department of Financial Services will create a Foreclosure Relief Unit to provide counseling and mediation services to help New Yorkers stay in their homes.
  • Creating a Tenant Protection Unit: To better protect tenants and ensure the tough rent regulations enacted in 2011 are properly enforced, Governor Cuomo announced that New York State Homes and Community Renewal will create a Tenant Protection Unit to investigate fraud and prosecute landlords who fail to maintain essential services.
  • A Continued Commitment to Minority and Women-Owned Businesses: To build on last year’s efforts to expand economic opportunities for minority and women owned business enterprises (MWBEs), Governor Cuomo announced new measures to continue support for MWBEs. With credit access difficulties hindering the competitiveness of many MWBEs, New York will extend credit to give MWBE contractors the backing they need to succeed. The program will support at least $200 million in contracting for MWBE firms.
  • Additional SUNY Challenge Grants: For years, SUNY has been the great equalizer for the middle class by allowing New Yorkers from working families to gain a quality education. To build on last year’s efforts to rebuild SUNY through bringing together academic excellence and economic development, the Governor announced that program to allow SUNY’s 60 campuses to compete for three $20 million challenge grants. The grants will continue the Governor’s work to build SUNY institutions into leading centers of excellence, innovation, and job creation.
  • No Child Should Go to Bed Hungry in New York: With 1 in 6 children in New York State living in homes without enough food on the table, Governor Cuomo declared that no child should go hungry in New York State and his administration will do all it can to prevent it. Thirty percent of New Yorkers who are eligible for food stamps do not receive them, leaving over $2 billion in federal funds unclaimed every year. To help these New Yorkers, the Governor announced that his administration will seek to increase participation in food stamp programs by reducing barriers including fingerprinting for working families, and work to eliminate the stigma associated with the hunger assistance programs.
  • Create an All-Crimes DNA Database: To better protect New Yorkers and improve the state’s criminal justice system, Governor Cuomo announced that he will propose legislation to create a databank to obtain DNA from all convicted criminal defendants that are found guilty of any felony or Penal Law misdemeanor. Currently, DNA is only collected from those convicted of less than half the crimes on the books in New York. The DNA databank as it currently exists has provided leads in over 2,700 convictions and led to 27 exonerations of the wrongfully accused. Under the legislation the Governor will propose, DNA will be key to exonerating the innocent, convicting the guilty, and protecting New Yorkers in a fair and cost-effective way.
  • Establish a Tax Reform and Fairness Commission: Continuing efforts that began at the end of 2011 to reform the state tax code to boost job creation and improve fairness, Governor Cuomo announced the creation of the Tax Reform and Fairness Commission to propose additional, long-term changes to corporate, sales, and personal income tax systems, and to find ways to close tax loopholes, promote efficiency in administration, improve New York’s business climate, and enhance collection as well as enforcement.
  • Implement Campaign Finance Reform: Governor Cuomo called for comprehensive reform of the state’s campaign finance system to make sure that all New Yorkers have an equal voice in the political process. New York ranks 48th in the nation in voter turnout and a smaller percentage of New York residents contribute to candidates to state office than anywhere else in the nation. The Governor called for a better campaign finance system that system that includes matched contributions and lower contribution limits, and increase enforcement at the Board of Elections.
  • Create an Office for New Americans: To ensure that New York remains a land of opportunity for all, Governor Cuomo announced that his administration will create an Office of New Americans to assist legal permanent residents who come to New York State. The office will provide a variety of services, including helping those with high-skills training and experience obtain the licenses and credentials they need to earn their way; helping those with limited formal education receive access to adult education and job training; and helping new legal permanent residents navigate the path to citizenship. It will also encourage entrepreneurship and take steps to protect new Americans as they transition to full participation in New York’s communities.
  • Train Leaders for a New New York: To help address the state’s human capital crisis, Governor Cuomo announced that his administration will launch the New New York Leaders Initiative to create opportunities for the state’s next generation to dedicate their careers to public service. The first component of the initiative, the Student Intern Program, will assign students to a particular branch of government to provide hands-on experience for interns to interact with government leaders and policy makers. The second component, the Empire State Fellows Program, will be a full-time leadership training program that will prepare the next generation of talented professionals who are members of underrepresented groups for careers as state policy makers. The New NY Leaders Initiative is designed to renew the connection between young people and the state and ensure that state government is diverse, talented, and prepared to lead the way for decades to come.
  • Protect Reproductive Rights: To continue to vigorously protect a woman’s right to choose, Governor Cuomo pledged to fight for passage of the Reproductive Health Act. The Act protects the fundamental right of reproductive freedom and ensures that the rights of individuals to make difficult and personal health care decisions are preserved.

Governor Cuomo Announces Completion of Major Restoration Projects at the New York State Capitol

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the completion of major restoration projects at the New York State Capitol, as well as the installation of museum quality exhibits throughout the building featuring many artifacts never before publicly displayed that tell the history of New York. Governor Cuomo commemorated the occasion with a ribbon cutting in the Governor’s Reception Room and with the unveiling of the restored Assembly skylight. For more information, click here.


The following Request for Proposals have been recently issued by City and State government

Transportation Planning, Transportation Engineering, Urban Design and Related Services (January 09, 2012) – Engineering Service Agreement (ESA) for Transportation Planning, Transportation Engineering, Urban Design and Related Services. A Pre-Proposal Conference (Optional) will be held on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 @ 10:00 AM @ 55 Water Street, Ground Floor Conference Room, New York, NY 10041. For additional information, please contact Ellen Zielinski (212) 839-6478. For more information, click here.

An Academic Consortium Contract to Support the City’s Town and Gown Program (January 17, 2012) – This notice amends and supplements a notice published in The City Record from July 13, 2011 to July 19, 2011. New York City Department of Design and Construction (“DDC”) is establishing an academic Consortium Contract. DDC would manage this consortium contract as a multiple award task order/open ended requirements contract to be available to all City agencies to support the goals of the City’s Town and Gown program, a Built Environment systematic action research program (”Town and Gown”). In its first two years of operation, the members of Town have consisted of practitioners at New York City built environment agencies. As Town and Gown evolves and expands, the membership of Town is expected to include practitioners at other public owners. Thus, to the extent the procurement laws applicable to other participating public owners permit, the Consortium Contract would be available to them to support their research projects from the Town and Gown Research Agenda. For more information, click here.

Flushing 40th Road Land Sale (January 17, 2012) – New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”) seeks proposals for the sale, demolition and development of a 2,500 square foot lot that contains a vacant, structurally damaged New York City Department of Sanitation (“DSNY”) two-story building and partial cellar, totaling approximately 5,000 square feet. The parcel is in a prime location at 135-15 40th Rd., between Main Street and Prince Street, Block 5036, Lot 50 in Flushing, Queens (the “Site”). The Site is zoned in a C4-2 commercial district, which is designed for retail and commercial uses in dense, regional centers. The Site also allows for residential and community facility development. The Site is only 0.2 miles from Flushing Commons, a large-scale mixed use project currently under development and 0.2 miles from Sky View Center, the largest mixed use development in Queens, containing over 800,000 square feet of retail space. Through this Request for Proposals (“RFP”), NYCEDC is seeking developers to purchase the Site, demolish the existing structure, and develop the Site in order to achieve the stated goals below:

A successful RFP will accomplish the following goals: (1) Activate the Site with a context-sensitive development that considers the project’s relationship to the surrounding community and existing neighborhood; (2) establish a financially feasible and economically viable project, (3) maximize proceeds from the Site’s purchase price and tax revenue attributed to new development, and (4) expand and preserve quality jobs for local residents and maximize permanent employment opportunities for the City’s local and disadvantaged residents through participation in the HireNYC Program. For more information, click here.

Operation and Maintenance of the Coney Island Carousel, Food Service Facility and Special Event Concession (January 18, 2012) – In Steeplechase Park, Brooklyn. There will be a recommended proposer meeting on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 11 am. We will be meeting in Room 407 of the Arsenal, which is located at 830 5th Avenue, in Central Park, Manhattan. If you are considering responding to this RFP, please make every effort to attend this recommended meeting. TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICE FOR THE DEAF (TDD) 212-504-4115. For more information, click here.

Rossville Municipal Site RFEI (January 18, 2012) – New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is seeking expressions of interest for the redevelopment of up to 33 acres of the Rossville Municipal Site located at 2629 Arthur Kill Road on the Arthur Kill Channel in Richmond County, in the Rossville area of Staten Island, New York. The site is the largest New York City-owned property available for maritime development and one of the few remaining industrial waterfront properties available and suitable for shipping in the entire region. The site’s approximately 2000 linear feet of shoreline along the federally maintained Arthur Kill Channel and its easy access to a highway are major and unique assets. For more information, click here.

TIER II (January 24, 2012) – DHS is seeking appropriately qualified vendors to operate 4 city owned Family Shelter for homeless families located as follows: Freeman Residence located at 999 Freeman Street, Bronx, NY 10459; Seneca Residence located at 1215-25 Seneca Avenue, Bronx, NY 10474; Regent Residence, 2720 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10025 and University Residence located 1041 at University Avenue, Bronx, NY 10452. A Pre- Proposal Conference is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 11:00 a.m., located at 33 Beaver Street, 13th Floor Conference Room, New York, NY 10004. Attendance at the pre-proposal conference is optional but proposers are strongly encouraged to attend. Please bring appropriate identification for security clearance. For more information, click here.

Consultant Services, NYC Media Lab (January 25, 2012) – NYCEDC seeks to facilitate greater cooperation between industry and academia on generating intellectual property and new research, through the oversight of NYC Media Lab, a project launched in 2009. Activities of the NYC Media Lab might include increasing research relationships between private sector and university researchers, fundraising and growing NYC Media Lab memberships, coordinating research panels and lectures, and hosting networking events – all with the goal of fostering greater local private sector-university collaboration. For more information, click here.

The Renovation, Operation, and Maintenance of the Carousels at Forest Park and Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens (January 27, 2012) – Parks is issuing a Request for Proposals for the renovation, operation, and maintenance of the carousel and snack bar and the optional development, operation and maintenance of a family amusement venue at Forest Park, Queens; the renovation, operation, and maintenance of the carousel, the optional operation of up to three (3) mobile food units and up to two (2) souvenir carts, and the optional development, operation and maintenance of children’s amusement rides at Flushing Meadow Corona Park, Queens Parks will hold a recommended on-site proposer meeting and site tour for the Forest Park location on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 11:30 AM. For more information, click here.

Skyport Parking Facility and Gas Station (January 31, 2012) – Apple Industrial Development Corp. (“Apple”) is seeking proposals from one or more experienced, professional operators operate and manage a parking facility and/or gas station within the Skyport Facility located at 2430 FDR Drive East Service Road (i.e. 23rd Street and the East River) in the Stuyvesant Cove neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. Respondents may choose to submit a proposal to operate and manage either the parking facility, gas station or both. A separate proposal is required for each operation. There will be an optional information session and site visit on Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Respondents may submit questions and/or request clarifications from Apple no later than Friday, January 13, 2012 at 5:00 PM. Questions regarding the subject matter of this RFP should be directed to For all questions that do not pertain to the subject matter of this RFP please contact NYCEDC’s Contracts Hotline at (212) 312-3969. Answers to questions and clarifications will be posted by Friday, January 20, 2012, to For more information, click here.

Environmental Consulting and Engineering Related Services (February 3, 2012) – The New York City Department of City Planning (the Agency), Studies Implementation Division is seeking qualified environmental consulting and engineering firms or teams to perform environmental consulting and engineering related services for various agency initiated land use actions pursuant to an “On-Call Consultant Contract” to be utilized on an as-needed basis. The land use actions in question are anticipated to include, among others, significant area wide rezoning actions sponsored by the Agency in one or more boroughs. These services would include. a full range of report preparation, including preparation of Environmental Assessment Statements (EAS), Scoping Documents, Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), and other related services, as appropriate. When the need arises for such services with respect to a specific land use action, the Director would issue a Task Order and the Consultant would timely provide the services in accordance with that Task Order, either directly through its own employees and/or through one or more sub-consultants. The consultant will not be guaranteed a minimum dollar value amount nor a minimum volume of work under the subject contract. This procurement is subject to participation goals for MBEs and or WBEs as required by Local Law 129. For more information, click here.

Coney Stillwell RFEI (February 13, 2012) – New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”), on behalf of the City of New York (“City”), is seeking proposals from qualified developers and/or commercial businesses to purchase and redevelop an approximately 48,580 square foot property (“Site”) located at 2658 Stillwell Avenue on the Coney Island peninsula in southern Brooklyn. Situated just south of the Belt Parkway, the Site is a highly visible and accessible parcel positioned at the gateway to the world famous amusement area, which is undergoing an exciting revitalization and ongoing transformation.This RFEI is not a formal offering of the Site. However NYCEDC reserves the right to enter into negotiations with respondent(s) on the basis of the responses to this RFEI without engaging in further processes. NYCEDC and the City reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to withdraw the RFEI; to choose to discuss various approaches with one or more respondents (including those not responding to the RFEI); and/or to use the ideas or proposals submitted in any manner deemed to be in the best interests of NYCEDC and the City, including but not limited to soliciting competitive submissions relating to such ideas or proposals. NYCEDC and the City likewise reserve the right, at any time, to change any terms of the RFEI. For more information, click here.

Project Pop-Up (February 14, 2012) – In January 2010, New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), in partnership with fashion industry stakeholders, launched Fashion.NYC.2020, a strategic study to identify the important trends affecting the industry and to develop actionable initiatives based on such findings. The industry Chairs for Fashion.NYC.2020 are Richard Darling, CEO of LF USA; Diane von Furstenberg, Chairman and Founder, Diane von Furstenberg Studio L.P., and President, Council of Fashion Designers of America; Terry Lundgren, Chairman, President and CEO of Macy’s, Inc.; Andrew Rosen, CEO of Theory; and Kevin Ryan, CEO of Gilt Groupe. A key growth opportunity identified through Fashion.NYC.2020 is the need to grow the number of innovative multi-channel fashion retailers based in the City, especially given the explosive sales growth of online retail. As part of this effort, it is important to recognize and promote promising nascent multi-channel retail concepts. One way to do so is through a competition to reward relatively young, high-growth-potential City-based retailer(s) with support in the form of a temporary pop-up shop, PR/marketing assistance, and business mentors, among other prizes. NYCEDC is issuing a request for proposals (“RFP”) from respondents who wish to enter into a contract to develop and execute the Program. For more information, click here.

Industrial Business Improvement Districts Development (February 22, 2012) – New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is seeking consultant services in support of the development and planning of new industrial Business Improvement Districts (Industrial BID) or the expansion of existing Industrial BIDs in M-zoned districts in New York City. Proposals for areas located within Industrial Business Zones and Industrial Ombudsman Areas (IOAs) are encouraged. NYCEDC seeks to provide targeted and innovative support to the industrial community through the creation of new Industrial BIDs. The new Industrial BIDs will improve the efficiency and functioning of the industrial sector in New York City by providing unique services that are targeted to the variety of issues facing industrial communities. The Industrial BIDs will provide a sustainable source of funding for the proposed industrial districts, thereby ensuring their stability and spurring their growth. For more information, click here.

Saratoga Square (due May 18, 2012) – New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”) seeks proposals for the sale or lease of an approximately 25,762 square foot parcel of land located on Block 1557, Lots 3, 4, 23, 26, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, and 37 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn (the “Site”). Through this Request For Proposals (“RFP”), NYCEDC is seeking individuals or organizations to develop the Site for a use that maximizes the creation of jobs for local residents, generates proceeds attributed to new development from tax revenue and purchase price/ground rent, and is contextually appropriate in terms of both design and use. For more information, click here.

Halleck Industrial Development Site at Hunts Point (due May 23, 2012) – The New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”), on behalf of the New York City Department of Small Business Services (“SBS”), is seeking qualified proposals to develop an unimproved parcel of land in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx under a long term ground lease. The parcel, known as the Halleck Industrial Development Site, is a prime, shovel-ready site for new construction of a modern industrial facility. For more information, click here.

Industrial Space Modernization (December 12, 2012) – New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”), on behalf of the City of New York (the “City”), is seeking proposals from qualified individuals, organizations or companies (“Respondents”) to renovate and reactivate, via subdivision, privately-held vacant industrial building/space(s) in New York City that face challenges leasing to modern manufacturers and industrial companies. NYCEDC, in cooperation with the Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”), intends to disburse up to $8 million from the City Council Small Manufacturing Investment Fund (the “Industrial Fund”) to incentivize one or more property owners and developers to make capital improvements related to the subdivision and modernization of their industrial spaces. Both not-for-profit and for-profit Respondents are encouraged to submit proposals. The primary programmatic goal for the use of the funds is the subdivision of large floor plates tailored to the space needs of smaller industrial businesses throughout New York City as described above. Secondary programmatic goals for the Industrial Fund include, but are not limited to:

1. Improvement of space where leasing ability has been limited due to a lack of capital investment

2. Preservation of existing industrial space at affordable rents

3. Modernization of obsolete industrial space

4. Investment in raw industrial space to make available for leasing

For more information, click here.

Non-Secure Detention Group Homes (due May 31, 2013) – ACS Division of Youth and Family Justice is soliciting applications from organizations interested in operating non- secure detention group homes in New York City. This is an open-ended solicitation. For more information, click here.


Our new feature Food for Thought presents recently issued policy or research reports which you may find of interest.

New York City’s Water and Sewer System: Is the Rent Too Damn High?

This week a number of Assembly Democrats got a peek at what their new district lines will look like if the Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment has anything to say about it. And LATFOR, with legislative leaders, has for decades had the final word on drawing district lines for the state. The process of redistricting was conducted in secret, lines were drawn to protect incumbents and maintain the senate Republicans’ majority, legislators were consulted on what would be convenient for them. The people were as far away from the process as possible. Even when their plans were challenged in the court as politically motivated or inherently in violation of the law, LATFOR and the majority leaders came out on top. But this time things have changed. Thanks to the internet, the process by which legislative districts are carved up is no longer such a mystery. Mapping technology allows any citizen with a computer, some spare time and the proper information to draw up their own set of maps. Earlier this week Common Cause issued their own lines and teamed up with Newsday to present the public with an interactive mapping tool so that they can try it themselves. For more information on this matter, click here.


Please note that this calendar is subject to change.

Subcommittee on Landmarks, Public Siting and Maritime Uses
Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: 250 Broadway – Committee Room, 16th Fl.
Agenda: For more information, click here.

Subcommittee on Planning, Dispositions and Concessions
Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: 250 Broadway – Committee Rm, 16th Fl.
Agenda: For more information, click here.

Committee on Land Use
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: 250 Broadway – Committee Room, 16th Fl.
Agenda: For more information, click here.

Committee on Juvenile Justice
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2012
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: 250 Broadway – Committee Room, 14th Fl.
Agenda: Oversight – Examining the Division of Youth and Family Justice’s Positive Alternative towards Home Program.